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May 15, 2020

Watercolors For The Creatives: Case For Making Paints

watercolor paints by case for making

Case for Making Watercolors

Case for Making is a San Francisco based art supply store founded in 2014 by Alexis Joseph and Lana Porcello. Powered by the artistic spirit of San Francisco and a shared desire to support creative people and communities, Case for Making is a shop, but it’s also much more than that.


If I were to think of one signature product from Case for Making, it would hands down, without a doubt be their handmade watercolors. I love using watercolors when I need a quick addition of color. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on a casual sketch or mock-up for a bigger more formal piece, or if I’m trying to take my time and do a more thought out painting, watercolor is my go to medium.


A few years ago, during a summer visit to New York City, I splurged on a travel watercolor set with little cakes of paint, a refillable brush pen and a little palette. I love my set and don’t regret that purchase for a minute; but soon after that I discovered Case for Making, and have been trying to justify one of their watercolor sets ever since.


Case for Making offers their watercolors in customizable half pans – so that you may select the colors you want for your set. They also sell cases for their paints. If you’re truly indecisive, they do offer a few color choice sets, pre-made for sale.


A few times a year they release limited edition watercolors – some of which are metallic, marbled, neon, and iridescent. Before Case for Making I had never seen a really beautifully done metallic watercolor – it’s harder than it sounds! Beyond watercolor, they offer thoughtfully curated studio supplies from high quality paint trays to perfect scissors. And, if you’re in the San Francisco area, you should drop by one of their two locations- open daily!


Are you a painter or maker? Would you try out one of Case for Making’s totally custom paint sets? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below!


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