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June 17, 2019

Upgraded Scent, Featuring Phlur

signature scent phlur

Greylocke by Phlur


This month we’re chatting about scent and smell, and last month we talked about making ethical and eco-friendly choices with our clothing.  So what could be better than perfume that is ethical and eco-friendly? Not much. Enter Phlur: perfume made from responsibly sourced ingredients that neither irritate skin nor contain harmful and unnecessary additives. Finally, a perfume you can trust that also smells amazing.


I’ll be honest: I’ve always had trouble with perfume.  I would smell it on a friend, feel instantly drawn to the scent, and go out and purchase the perfume, only to discover it smelled nothing like I remembered on me. Has that ever happened to you? I recently read an article that you’re not supposed to purchase perfume after simply spritzing it in the store because the perfume mixes with your own scent and changes throughout the day. Crazy, isn’t it?


I’ve been helping a friend attempt to find her new signature scent, and it’s been a long and intensive process with many-a-trip to the department store to sample and spray perfume after perfume. From crazy price points to perfume that radically changes (for good or ill) hours later, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about layering perfumes, and scents I wish to never smell again, but more than anything I’ve learned to always ask for samples! That way, you can test the smell with your own scent, live in the scent, and see what you think after a day or a week.  Genius!


Which brings me back to Phlur.  Not only does Phlur create customer-oriented scents with high-quality ingredients, but the packaging is made from 20% recycled glass, and is opaque, which preserves the perfume without additives. That would be a resounding “yes” from me.


signature scent phlur

Sample Set by Phlur


But my favorite part? They offer a discovery set for $18, featuring three samples of your choosing.  Not only do you get to try three scents, but you can experience the perfume in your own daily life without committing to a whole bottle. But, the best part, is that you can apply your $18 credit towards a full bottle of the scent of your choosing! I can’t wait to try Hepcat, Moab, and Greylocke in my trial set. I can’t wait! Maybe I’ll finally nail down my signature scent…


What are your feelings towards perfume? Do you have a signature scent? We’d love to hear in the comments!

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