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March 15, 2020

The Rise of Robotics in Fashion – High Tech Wear


We’ve entered a new decade, and everything is becoming “smart”—household items like televisions and lighting systems are connecting to the internet and becoming voice-sensitive. It truly feels like we’re entering the future! But how does all this budding technology affect the world of fashion…? Well, we’re not quite at the point where we’re all wearing “smart” clothes yet (besides maybe Apple watches) but there has been wild advancements in the world of textile design!



BRAINDRAIN by Maartje Dijkstra


Thanks to the invention of 3D printing, creating materials for textile has now become so much more advanced. For example, let’s look at the sci-fi-inspired works of designer and artist Maartje Dijkstra—many of her works are created using 3D printers and pens combined with robotics. The final effect creates wild forms across the body, that look both organic and artificial. Her project “BRAINDRAIN” is inspired by the exoskeleton of insects, with gold plates like armor that move like a living creature.



Fashion by Hussein Chalayan


While Dijkstra’s work is set in a fantasy realm, the work of Hussein Chalayan is a little more minimalist and chic. In his Spring/Summer collection 0f 2007, among elegant beaded cocktail dresses, were ensembles that were way more than meets the eye! The statement pieces involved a long gown that magically shifts into an asymmetrical jacket and short dress, and a paneled skirt that swiftly became like a cage skirt. To watch it in action is truly a technological marvel!


While this is all fascinating and exciting to watch on the runway, I personally don’t think we’re at the point just yet where we can walk out of our houses in robotic dresses. But wouldn’t it be cool if we could change the hemline of our skirt on a warm day, or adjust the brim of our hat if it’s too sunny out, with just the press of a button? For now, though, we’ll just have to marvel at the inventions that talented designers create for the world of couture.


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