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September 28, 2018

Artists We Love: Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood Fabric Samples

Rebecca Atwood Fabric Samples


I first heard about Rebecca Atwood in 2014.  My introduction to Atwood all started with pillows.  At the time I was working in the textile design industry in New York, and all of a sudden these hand-dyed Shibori pillows were everywhere.  Her work is inspired by nature and her oceanside upbringing–her designs are tranquil like the water–creating a feeling of both calm and cozy.



Rebecca Atwood is a Brooklyn based textile artist known for her ocean-inspired designs and textiles.  Although in recent years Rebecca Atwood’s textile collection has grown to include wovens, prints, and even some wallpaper, when she first started her Brooklyn based design studio, it was the Shibori dyeingand shortly thereafter marbling techniques – that caught everyone’s attention first. These early pillows were all dyed by hand, in Brooklyn, in Rebecca Atwood’s studio using a mix of natural and synthetic dyes. The results were imbued with personal history and craft.


Rebecca Atwood Natural Madder Dye and Shibori Tools

Natural Madder Dye and Shibori Tools


Born and raised in Cape Cod, Atwood routinely speaks about how the coastal environment or way of life impacts her designs. Her designs are casual, and beauty yet somehow still elegant–without ever feeling as they are trying too hard to be formal. Organic shapes, lines and compositions nod to her childhood growing up near the ocean, and her color palette is based in nature as well. Her Brooklyn apartment–recently featured on Cup of Jo, also nods to her coastal upbringing. It’s stunning and soothing, just like many of her designs.


Rebecca Atwood Technique Samples and Painting Sketches

Technique Samples and Painting Sketches | Photograph by David Kimelman


Now, as the collection–and design studio–has grown, so have the variety of techniques used to create Rebecca Atwood’s signature designs. If you follow Rebecca Atwood on any social media platform you will see glimpses into how each product is designed – still by hand, oftentimes starting as a watercolor of gauche painting.


Blooms Wallpaper by Rebecca Atwood

Blooms Wallpaper by Rebecca Atwood


The textiles are either printed in Rhode Island, or woven in the USA. Regardless of the techniques used, when I think of Rebecca Atwood’s collections what feels so unique to her is her clean, bright color choices and painterly surface designs. Across textiles, wallcoverings–and even now some stationary and home goods, this style remains consistent and always refreshing.



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