Genue Inc.
September 21, 2017

Patterned Planking

The other day, I found a pattern in the most unexpected place! I was browsing through a home décor store and while the colors and patterns in the shop were lovely, the most intriguing design couldn’t be found on the shelves. Instead, I found myself in awe when I went to tie my shoe and looked down at the floor! The wood flooring was the most beautiful I had ever seen—each board was carefully laid in such a way that it created an incredible geometric pattern. This technique, planked wood, uses the natural texture and color variations in wood to create rich, complex designs.


Planked wood designs are a big trend in interior design right now. I know I’ve probably pinned a ton of pictures featuring this amazing craft. And it’s no surprise, as the results create a huge impact on a room, and the look is totally unique! Planked designs can be used in flooring, but also for wooden furniture and home ware. You can find planked wood products in a variety of styles and scales—it is totally customizable. This technique is the perfect combination of color, material, geometry, and pattern.



One example of a maker who really took planking and pattern to a new place is artist Lauren Meyer. Her incredible wall pieces are a gorgeously balanced blend of high-tech and traditional techniques that she has brought to the craft. All of her wooden pieces or “planks” are laser cut, ensuring a perfect fit, while enabling her to create interesting new shapes and repeats. She retains the original material of wood but switches it up a bit by bringing in an unexpected design element: indigo. Meyer dyes some of her pieces with indigo to bring a bold pop of color to her work, and the patterns suddenly become much richer.



Another designer doing interesting things with wooden planking is Gio Tirotto. While his flooring designs are minimalistic, they feature simple tweaks that catch the eye and create something truly unique. One such example is a parquet design he has done—the main layout is very basic, wooden floor planks laid evenly in a standard way. However, Tirotto has broken up this layout using shape and color. The main planks that make up the bulk of the flooring are stained with a deep, rich hue, while tiny accent pieces are mixed in that retain their natural light grain. Additionally, the smaller pieces have been cut into angled rectangles, sprinkled seemingly at random and creating a lovely pattern spanning the floor.



Looking at all of these beautiful planked wood designs got me thinking: can I incorporate this into my design work even though I’m not a woodworker? Well, lucky for me (and you!), Inhabit Living found a way. This company creates wall coverings and amazing faux planked wall stickers. Through pattern design, planked wood is brought to life in a whole new way!

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