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June 8, 2018

Pattern Everywhere! 3 Innovative Ways to use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a staple in interior design. There are countless reasons to use it—it’s easy to put up yourself, it can add that perfect touch of color to your space, and it can let you appreciate the artistry of a print on a wide scale. But there are so many things you can do with wallpaper rather than just adhere it to your walls…No, really! Today we’d like to present to you three creative DIY projects that involve wallpaper in an unconventional way. Read on to get inspired!


floral wall papered blinds

Wallpaper Blinds by Tinkered Treasures

Wallpapered Blinds

Skill level: Easy
Cost: $24 – $28
Amount of time: 45 minutes – 1 hour

These floral wallpapered blinds by Tinkered Treasures are so clever! Do you have some boring blinds that could use a makeover? Purchase some wallpaper of your choosing, and count the number of slats in your blinds. Then, measure the width and height of each slat. Cut out the needed number of wallpaper rectangles to cover your blinds, and glue them down one by one, smoothing them out with your hands. The final product is a surprising twist on an otherwise drab item!


white dresser drawers pulled out reveling floral wallpaper

DIY Wallpaper Dresser by Chelsey Life and Design

Wallpapered Dresser Drawers

Skill level: Easy
Cost: $25-$35
Amount of time: 30-45 minutes

A subtle way to add pattern to your interior is hidden on the sides of drawers of a cabinet or dresser…This tutorial by Chelsey Life and Design shows us the secret to creating this colorful surprise! Purchase wallpaper of your choosing—Chelsey has figured out that the samples sold on Spoonflower are both cost-effective and typically wide enough for such a project (This could be a perfect opportunity to create your own custom wallpaper design with MyGenue app!). Remove each drawer and lay the wallpaper on the side, and then use scissors to cut your wallpaper pieces down to the correct size. Wet the backside of the paper in the sink and carefully adhere it with some pressure to the sides of each drawer. Once it’s dry, you’ll have a chic accent piece that only those with careful eyes will catch!


Jeweled chandelier covered in floral wallpaper

Wallpaper Chandelier by Shabby Fufu

Wallpapered Chandelier

Skill level: Easy
Cost: $50-$75 (give or take, depending on how many of the materials you already have on-hand for this project)
Amount of time: 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours

Guess what? You can even add wallpaper to your light fixtures! ShabbyFufu has come up with the ingenious idea of decoupaging wallpaper onto a chandelier using glass glue. Find an old chandelier, either something you own already or one found at a thrift hop, and purchase some wallpaper of your choosing. Take off the chandelier’s crystals and trace their shape onto the wallpaper, and cut the shapes out when you’ve finished. Press your wallpaper onto your crystals, and paint over them with Mod Podge glue, using your fingers to press out any air pockets. You can use this same exact technique on the candlestick covers as well!  Once completed, you’ll have a custom centerpiece that will impress your guests!


Which project idea is your favorite? Let us know in a comment!

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