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August 18, 2015

New York City Street Art Inspires Vibrant and Stirring Pattern Design

New York may be over crowded, noisy and even smelly at times, but it never fails to be colorful and vibrant.
From the saturated graffiti on the walls, to the gorgeous evening skylines, New York City delivers beauty and color in every way imaginable.

Look at the range of color and all the movement in these examples of New York City street art! I was so inspired by how the hues beautifully blended into one another forming such organic patterns and designs.

What struck me as particularly impressive is it looked like the artist had no place for mistakes. It feels as a true expression as it was being composed, looking at art in real time. Even felt like that when viewing the finished piece!

The evocativeness of the images and each artist’s color combinations, the subtle details, and the direction and placement of strokes- knowingly, purposeful for the whole but looking as seemingly random- wow, such talent.

Stirring with artistic and creative vibes, my imagination is flowing with colorful and vibrant, patterns of my own, and then thinking of some ways to apply my designs to my DIY project list.

For home, I thought a bold patterned throw pillow perfectly placed against the backdrop of a crisp white linen couch-  now that would look awesome. Note to self – save up for a white linen couch.

For fashion, I envisioned a rugged denim jacket with an artful mural-like pattern panel on the back – doable.

Pieces of art like these really ignite my creative side and inspire me, how about you?

Here’s how I translated them into patterns using Genue:


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