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November 15, 2018

Simplicity by Matisse: 3 Minimalist DIY Ideas

Henri Matisse is an artist that is known worldwide for his ground-breaking impressionist paintings—but have you seen his line drawings and sketches? His simple and abstract lines, often depicting faces, look very chic and modern in today’s art world! This month we’re trying to capture that effortless minimalist aesthetic in both fashion and décor. Read on to discover three easy-and-affordable DIY ideas inspired by Matisse!


hollow face earrings matisse inspired diy

Hollow Face Earrings via Too Polished


Hollow Face Earrings

Skill level: Intermediate
Cost: $25-$30
Amount of time: 20-30 minutes


These abstract-but-elegant hollow face shaped earrings by Too Polished are the ultimate statement piece! The process of making them is relatively simple, even for beginner jewelers, and will be sure to wow your friends when paired with a chic matching outfit. To begin, clip off 10 inches of beading wire for one earring and use your hands to begin twisting it into your desired shape. Start by molding the bottom left of the face, and then curve the wire into an eye shape. The exact shape and expression of your face is all up to you, so don’t be afraid to be creative! When you’ve made your face, cut off any excess wire, and attach an earring hook by stringing it on the curve closest to the bottom of the face. Now it’s time for the final step—adding the eyes! Use a tiny drop of hot glue and rhinestone beads to add that hint of sparkle to your earrings. Then, the only thing left to do is to wear them and enjoy!



geometric photo display matisse inspired diy

DIY Geometric Photo Display via The Caldwell Project


Geometric Photo Display

Skill level: Easy
Cost: $25-$35
Amount of time: 45 minutes – 1 hour and 30 minutes (depending on how large/complicated you make your design)


How cool is this geometric photo display made of string by The Caldwell Project? All it takes to make is some stretchy jewelry cord or thin braided rope, a hammer, nails, a pencil, and a ruler. Start with a rough sketch on paper of what you want your design to look like, and consider how you’ll be stringing the rope around each point—you don’t want any sections of doubled-up rope, so draw yourself arrows as a map to figure out how to put the rope on. (Check out the Cadwell’s example on their blog!) Then transfer your design in its full scale it to your wall using a ruler. Next, it’s time to hammer a nail into your wall at each point, leaving about ½” of the nail sticking out of the wall. Now all that’s left to do is to follow your sketch and string your rope around the nails! When you’ve finished, hang your photos with binder clips, and enjoy your handiwork. What a clever and minimalist way to display your cherished memories with family and friends!



Abstract Face Desk Accessory Cup matisse inspired diy

DIY Abstract Face Desk Accessory Cup via Maritza Lisa


Abstract Face Desk Cup Accessory

Skill level: Intermediate
Cost: $20 – $250 (this is including the possible price of a vinyl trimming machine if you don’t have access to one)
Amount of time: 20-30 minutes


aThis plastic desk organizer decorated with a custom vinyl sticker by Maritza Lisa is very Matisse and so our style! For this project, you’ll need access to a vinyl trimmer, white vinyl, an acrylic pencil holder, and a marker and blank paper for sketching. To begin, draw what you want your Matisse-inspired face to look like on paper. Be sure to make your lines thick with a marker, once you’re done! Take a clear photo of your drawing (you can even use your phone!) and upload this image onto the software that comes with the vinyl trimmer. In this software you can clean up any rough edges and re-size the image to fit the front of the pencil holder. When you’re ready, load up your vinyl into the cutting machine and send your image to cut. Once it’s uncut, peel away the negative space of your design, and use the transfer paper included with the trimmer to stick the vinyl onto the pencil holder. The final product is an elegant statement and a relatively easy way to spruce up your desk!


What do you think of Matisse’s line drawings? Will you be trying any of the projects we’ve shared today? Tell us all about it in a comment!

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