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December 21, 2018

Louise Gray: Modern Heirlooms

louise gray modern heirlooms

Louise Gray, Elora Little Quilt


This month we are discussing baby room decor, which got me thinking about heirlooms. Some of my most prized possessions are items that have been with me since my childhood or handed down to me from relatives. My grandmother was a prolific quilter and gifted each of her grandchildren at least one hand stitched patch-worked quilt for their birthday or Christmas.  It is one of my most favorite things.



But stories like that, and the objects that I hold most dear, seem to be more of a rarity these days.  I think perhaps over time, our culture has moved away from heirloom goods.  As a culture, we’ve become a population that moves around a lot more now.  And, concepts like minimal living and decluttering are becoming more popular, causing people to want less stuff. In addition, the stuff we do consume tends to be a bit more disposable than in past generations. However, I do think there is a renaissance happening as the demand for high quality, gorgeous, timeless, and domestically made goods is definitely growing.


louise gray modern heirlooms

Louise Gray, Harriet Throw Quilt


Take, for instance, Minneapolis based design and sewing studio Louise Gray. You might remember Louise Gray from earlier this month, as their striking quilts that would be perfect for a baby’s room or as a child’s favorite “blankie.” But, what I love most about these home goods are how well I know they will age. Each quilt is made out of natural materials, with a natural cotton batting. By contrast, most quilts or duvets you buy now are made of a synthetic material with a high loft polyester batting.  The natural fibers and more traditional materials give Louise Gray’s quilts an integrity in their construction that means they should last – and get more beautiful with time.


louise gray modern heirlooms

Louise Gray, Queen Quilt #2


And while we’re at it, why should babies get all the attention? Yes, it is true that the small sizes of Louise Gray Little Quilts are absolutely made for little humans, but they make their timeless, simple designs in bigger sizes too! A particular favorite of mine is the Queen Quilt #2. It has just enough going on to make it an interesting design, but not so much pattern that you would get bored of it quickly. Plus, a quilt is the perfect year-round bedding–use it alone in the warmer summer months and double it up with a cozy down comforter for these shorter, colder winter days!


What do you think of Louise Gray? Tell us which products you would purchase as a “modern” heirloom in the comments below!


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