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November 1, 2019

Links We Love: November Edition

structured style

Cameron Spencer Getty Images via Harper’s Bazaar


Who isn’t in love with Meghan Markle and her impeccable style? We’re particularly thrilled with this effortless menswear-inspired number, and feeling inspired to emulate a more structured style this fall.  Not only can you throw a blazer over just about anything and look good-to-go, but there’s something so chic about women in suits. This month, we’re rounding up our favorites including tweed, plaid, blazers and power suits. Read on for more inspo…


How cute would a statement tweed purse be in your winter wardrobe? The texture and details add some pizzazz to even a plain sweater and jeans, and we love the metallic detail the chain brings. Here’s a splurge and save version of a cute crossbody tweed bag.


Remember when I said you can throw a blazer over just about anything? Well, Glamour rounded up 14 different blazers giving you 14 different outfits for inspiration and we couldn’t love them more. From belted to pastel, to oversized, you really can’t go wrong with a great blazer. Now we just have to decide on one… (or two, or three!)


We’re flashing it way back to 2015 when Armani hosted their 40th-anniversary party. Normally we wouldn’t dig up something so old from the archives, but when women choose power suits over party dresses, a bold and magnificent thing can happen. In honor of all things structured and menswear-inspired, I give you a slideshow via Refinery29 of impeccably dressed women looking like they could rule the world.


Inspired by the Armani Power Suits but unsure how to pull off the look? Harper’s Bazaar gives us the Power Suit 12 different ways. Doesn’t matter if you’re short or edgy, there’s a Power Suit out there for you.  Every body type and every style can pull off this chic look—so what are you waiting for?


With the chilly weather upon us, what about a structured and textured coat to make you feel put together even if you’re shivering on the inside. Here are some of our favorites: tweed jacket by J. Crew, a splurge plaid trench coat and a save plaid trench coat, a herringbone trench coat (on sale!), and for those of you who don’t experience quite an extreme winter, a splurge and save version of a statement tweed short jacket.


What fashion trends are you inspired to try this fall? We’d love to hear where you’re getting your inspiration!

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