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May 1, 2020

Links We Love: May Edition



Dried Flower display by Keecie


Spring is finally here! Our winter’s are so long here in New England, that any peeking greenery is like a breath of fresh air. No one can deny the beauty of flowers—we’ve written about florals countless of times here on our blog! They’ve brought human civilization joy, beauty, and good health with their healing properties throughout the centuries. But today we’d like to explore the ancient meaning of flowers and herbs, and how they can be used in a modern setting.


To begin, let’s start with the basics: touch up on your flower knowledge with this beautiful book by  Mandy Kirkby: “A Victorian Flower Dictionary: The Language of Flowers Companion”. It’s a perfect way to brush up on your floral identification skills, while also learning the old customs and meanings surrounding your favorite plants.


Now that you’ve been educated on the meanings and messages behind flowers, it’s time to go outside and harvest some! You might be surprised what you can find in your backyard or local park. Once you’ve acquired some beautiful blossoms, you’ll want to preserve them—and Temperance from Wild Flowers in Autumn has created an easy tutorial to make your own flower drying rack! It’s made with mostly natural materials, and has a rustic charm that will be sure to make your space feel cozy.


Once your flowers and herbs have dried, why not try making some crafts with them? These pressed herb candle tutorial by Adventures in Making shows you how to recycle glass jars into romantic floral candles. The final product is both sweet and environmentally friendly! How romantic would it be to light a homemade candle and read by the firelight on a spring evening?


If you enjoy scrapbooking or letter-making, then how about creating your own flower petal paper? Burnetts Boards shows the step-by-step process of creating your own recycled paper combined with dried flower petals. The process is a little more complex, but the outcome is just beautiful! To send greeting cards or small notes with paper made with your favorite flowers would be a lovely gesture!


To add a natural touch to your spring look, support a small maker and check out these eco-printed scarves by Made By Barb! Each silk scarf is decorated with the imprints of leaves and flower petals, then dyed with natural inks such as madder root and indigo. The final look is both natural and elegant—and perfect for that cool spring breeze!


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