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May 1, 2019

Links We Love: May Edition

eco friendly clothing

Madewell Eco Edition Stretch Denim Jacket


This month, we’re talking about making eco-friendly choices and sustainable clothing. Now, we know fast fashion hurts both the people who produce the clothes and destroy the environment, but how do you start transitioning into making more ethical and environmentally-conscious choices? And how do you do it without breaking the bank? Read on for a few of our favorite brands and roundups that make both your wallet and the planet happier…


Overwhelmed with the idea of shopping eco-friendly? Andrea of Seasons & Salt created a one-stop shop for how to start making ethical choices when updating your wardrobe, and at a variety of price points.  Her blog is a great resource for styling ethical pieces, as well!


Madewell has been reticent about sharing details about the production of their clothing, but after an enormous response from their buyers, have released two eco-friendly lines. Shop affordable and environmentally conscious jeans and bathing suits from Madewell here!


Everlane was one of the first brands I started shopping when trying to make more ethical choices.  Not only are they transparent about pricing, their factories, and the individuals who produce their products, but their pieces are simple, timeless and affordable.  I love their denim and cashmere sweaters.


Looking to be more mindful with your purchases but not looking to shell out a fortune? Shopping secondhand can be a great first step. The second-hand boutique and storefront Marigold in Columbus, OH also offers online shopping.  Shop clothing for kids, men, and women in a variety of sizes, as well as home goods. It’s excellently curated and all at very affordable prices.


Activewear is something I need to replace more than the rest of my clothing because it takes such a hard beating. And now, with the weather getting more and more beautiful, I like to get my physical activity outside.  Here’s a great roundup of ethical (and cute!) activewear pieces if you’re looking to make some replacements in your wardrobe.


How are you environmentally conscious with your clothes? Do you repair and reuse clothing? Do you have favorite eco-friendly brands? We’d love to hear in the comments!


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