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March 1, 2019

Links We Love: March Edition

recycled cereal box stencils by yuken teruya

“My Vote” Cereal box stencils by Yuken Teruya Studio


We’re living in an age where we produce more than we can consume—fast fashion creates wasted textiles that fill our oceans and landfills, while gasses released by fossil fuels used by production factories melt our ozone layer. It’s coming to a point where we can no longer just ignore the effects that our consumerism causes to the environment…and it’s time to act! That’s why this month, we’re all about recycling and repurposing! “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, so the saying goes…so this month, let’s put some time aside to bring new life to otherwise discarded items. Read on for clever upcycling inspiration from fashion to décor!


When it comes to fashion, we’re so inspired by the ethical works of art created by Bethany Williams. Despite fashion and textile design being her main mediums, Williams has thoughtfully weaved various charity work throughout her career, using her platform to bring awareness to homeless youth and world hunger. Her latest collection titled “Breadline” utilizes waste items such as plastic food packaging and recycled cardboard that came from Tesco, a UK-based food bank organization. The designs themselves are chic and modern, with a hint of abstraction—a perfect blend of trendy minimal aesthetics with an undercurrent of social and economic justice!


If you’re looking to add some new décor to your home without harming the environment, why not check Viva Terra’s recycled ‘Décor and Dining’ section? They’ve got everything from dishware to furniture, using reclaimed materials and items from around the world. Some of our favorite products are these handmade recycled drinking glasses with colored rims, and these gorgeous vintage Kantha throw blankets from India!


Our photo this month comes from the ingenious mixed media installations by Japanese artist Yuken Teruya! Their work is often commentary on political and environmental issues happening around the world, using found materials such as newspapers, toilet paper rolls, and pizza boxes. One of our favorite pieces by them is titled “Corner Forest”—where discarded toilet paper rolls have been cut up and attached to the wall, in a way that so when light hits them, it casts the shadow of delicate cherry blossoms.


But maybe you’re looking for something crafty? If you like to sew, why not invest in some “Eco-fi” fabric to make some fleecy winter crafts? Eco-fi fabric is made from recycled plastic water bottles that can be used to make clothes, accessories, and home décor. Kunin Felt sells a wide variety of US-made eco-fi felts and fabrics to choose from!


Even if it’s still winter, it’s never too early to start planning for spring parties! These recycled cocktail napkins made with vintage bedsheets by Design Sponge are ingenious. All it takes is some old bedsheets with a cute print that you can find for cheap at a thrift shop, an iron, and a sewing machine. A super easy DIY that you can do while waiting for the snow to melt!


What was your favorite product in this round-up? Have you been inspired to recycle more and buy less?

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