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March 1, 2020

Links We Love: March Edition



Crystal Terrarium Wild Witch Crystals


It seems that crystals are everywhere you look these days! Whether you appreciate the aesthetic of them, or like them for their metaphysical meaning, crystals and stones are especially popular in the world of beauty and décor right now. We’re still suffering through the winter months here in New England, so while we may not be able to appreciate any flowers yet, we can still enjoy nature’s beauty in the form of everlasting stone. Read on to discover our favorite products that make use of this ancient-yet-elegant resource!


Let’s begin with these unique river stone placemats from Viva Terra. Made with natural looking stones in a multitude of colors, these placemats will make your table-setting look like the shimmering riverbed of a gentle stream. Bringing these placemats out for a spring luncheon would be an awesome conversation starter!


Keeping with the topic of home décor, Viva Terra also offers these gorgeous Moroccan-style night lights made with Himalayan Salt. The salt stones are said to kill odors purify the air, making it both functional and beautiful!


For this month’s beauty-related item, how about these crystal facial rollers from Sephora? This set offers three different stones to choose from: rose quartz, jade, and amethyst. You can switch them out depending on your mood! Supposedly, the healing qualities of the crystals and improve your skin and reduce puffiness…but even if you’re not a believer of the metaphysical, this item would be perfect for pampering yourself on a well-needed spa day!


If you’re still looking for another way to de-stress, how about these grounding crystal bracelets by Woodland Zen on Etsy? Made from wood, obsidian, onyx, and jasper, this elegant bracelet is intended to help center the spirit and keep the wearer grounded.


For something more modern, check out how cool these engraved crystal USB flash drives by Hanging Branch are! They’re completely customizable, down to the color of metal to the text or artwork engraved into the clear crystal. It would make a practical-but-unforgettable gift with your very own artwork on it—and would be a great opportunity to design your own logo in MyGenue app!


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