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July 3, 2017

Links We Love: July Edition

This month, we can’t stop talking about metal jewelry and accessories! Read on to hear about a Parisian lacquer artist, a beginner’s guide for trying your hand at metal stamping jewelry, and a few different sites that connect you with artists who can turn your sketches and ideas into unique, custom jewelry!




Monger Designs: Have you ever had an image in your mind of the perfect necklace or bracelet, only to be let down in an endless internet search for exactly what you want? Well, look no further than Monger Designers. They can help you turn your designs and sketches into custom designed jewelry, as well as offering a number of other related services.


Sarah of LAKLAK Paris: Sarah is a Paris based jewelry designer who specializes in European lacquer. In this technique, the varnish is mixed with the pigments and applied with a brush in several layers, then sanded. Despite an age old method, Sarah has found a way to add a contemporary aesthetic to this thousand-year-old medium. We love her bold and unique jewelry!


Designers for Hire: This site serves as an incredible resource for designers and artists who are ready to help you turn your designs into reality. Browse a variety of different kinds of makers who specialize in various fields such as product design, jewelry and artistic design. Designers for Hire cuts out the middle man and lets you work with designers directly.


Adrianne Surian of Happy Hour Projects: Adrianne shares her tips for beginners interested in metal jewelry stamping. She shares a list of materials (initial cost is around $100) as well as tips and tricks to help ease you into this process. We think stamped necklaces would make great gifts for friends or bridesmaids – what an incredible personal and unique gift!


Jewelrythis: Jewlreythis helps jewelers turn their sketches into custom CAD models, search, find and download new and trendy 3D CAD jewelry models from all around the world and allows users to upload their own 3D designs, showcase them and earn royalties.

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