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July 1, 2019

Links We Love: July Edition

y2k Bewitched by Michael Lavine

Photoshoot from Luna – Bewitched by Michael Lavine, via The Y2K Institute

Let’s close our eyes and travel back in time—the year is 2000: a “new millennium”. It was the start of a new era where technology and culture would be advancing so rapidly that the public could barely keep up! The internet was being introduced into most homes on colorful PCs, everyone had portable CD players blasting music was everywhere, and everything in fashion and furniture was shining and plastic…Art and media seemed hopeful, pointing to an idealized future where everything was high-tech, made with bubbly curved lines and frosted hues. This era in history is dubbed “Y2K” .


Looking back on it, this retro idea of what “futuristic” aesthetics should be is almost kitsch, but…it’s coming back in style, in the year 2019! There are blogs and social media pages dedicated to researching and archiving everything with this aesthetic. Even luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is channeling this retro sci-fi vibe with their 2019 spring/summer campaign. So how does one jump aboard this nostalgic-but-futuristic lifestyle? Keep reading for our favorite y2k-style products!


When it comes to ultra-cool Y2K style, Urban Outfitters has you covered! These shiny leather pants by I.AM.GIA have us dreaming of surfing down cyber-highways. But if these are too flashy for your wardrobe, then this sleek sports bra by Out From Under is both practical and stylish. Pair your look with some oval metal sunglasses to achieve that full “Matrix” fantasy!


Beauty is out-of-this-world when it comes to this aesthetic: it’s all about galactic glamour! Milk Makeup offers a wide variety of trendy, cruelty-free products, but this month we’ve got our eye on their holographic face gloss. Glow like a gorgeous alien with this frosty iridescent liquid highlighter that can be used on your skin, eyelids, and lips! If you’re planning an extra flashy look for an evening out, why not try Urban Decay’s “Vice Special Effects” glittering lip gloss? It comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can pick the color that would look the best with your favorite lipstick. Our personal favorite is “White Lie”!


Now, when it comes to décor, things get a little tricky—unless you’re ready to scour second-hand stores to score furniture from the era itself, you’ll find it’s hard to create that perfect sci-fi feeling in your living space. But you can create something one-of-a-kind with 3form! This talented team of architects and engineers are masters of creating futuristic and modern spaces from a plethora of materials, ranging from plastic, glass, and metal. Whether you’re looking for a frosted glass door, a futuristic metal table, or an abstract ceiling installation for your space, this company can create your dream Y2K-style abode. Just check out this photo gallery of their custom designs!


What do you think of the Y2K aesthetic—groovy or no? What was your favorite product on this list?


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