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January 1, 2020

Links We Love – January Edition


There’s something calming and elegant about a watercolor landscape—the pastel colors and thoughtful brushstrokes always perfectly capture the gentleness of nature. As summer is approaching, and flowers are blooming and green grass growing, we find that it’s the perfect time to express our love for the natural world through art. That’s why this month, we’re all about capturing the delicate aesthetic of nature watercolor paintings through different mediums, whether it be through glass, kitchenware, or embroidery!


To start things off, here’s a hand-blown glass vase by Shawn Messenger. It’s spotted in colorful blossoms in an abstract meadow. The amount of detail on such a small surface is astounding! The final effect is similar to that of an impressionist painting, with tiny glass powders chips used to make the dappled landscape. Perfect for a corner of your home that needs some color!


If you’re still itching to bring the vibrant colors of nature into your home, how about this polymer clay serving bowl by Orly Rabinowitz? Its striped surface is like splashes of color from strokes of a paintbrush, covered in a rainbow of colors and patterns. It would make a perfect statement piece on your kitchen counter or coffee table. Fill it with equally colorful fruit to celebrate the coming warm weather!


When it comes to textile design, this month we’re absolutely in awe over the nature-inspired embroidered sculptures of Meredith Woolnough! Her unique sewing technique allows her to embroider without a backing cloth—which creates a three-dimensional sculpture that fully capture the delicate veins of leaves. These larger-than-life organic artworks allow us to fully appreciate the intricate patterns found in nature.


If your wardrobe feels drab, why not spruce it up for the season using this handy guide by Fashion United? It outlines the nature-themed color trends happening this spring in an easy-to-follow way, with runway examples featuring designers such as Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, and Elie Saab. Whether your most comfortable in minimalist neutrals, or bold sunset hues, you’ll find unique style suggestions in this list!

Now, maybe after all of this reading, you’d like to try watercolor painting yourself? Watercolor is a tricky medium, but Jennifer Branch makes it easy to create a landscape masterpiece with step-by-step tutorials! We particularly love this tutorial on how to paint a sunny garden path. Follow along with either the video or photo instructions to create your own beautiful painting, that can be hung anywhere in your home to add a touch of rural charm to your décor!


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