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January 1, 2019

Links We Love: January Edition


living coral

Living Coral Nail Lacquer, Butter London

As the end of the calendar year comes to a close, there are parties to attend, gifts to give, and countless end-of-the-year lists. Among the art and design related news is the announcement for the chosen color for Pantone ‘s “Color of the Year”, and this year, the trendiest color of choice is…”Living Coral”!


If you didn’t already know, Pantone is a color-matching system launched in the early 1960s. Since then, it has become the industry standard color system, allowing for designers, artists, and collaborators to decide on a Pantone color, and keep that color consistent from the digital realms, to paint, to printing. Speaking from experience, Pantone is one of those tools that you don’t often think about (or at least, I don’t) but when you need your Pantone set, you really need them, and are endlessly grateful that they exist.


Pantone’s “Color of the Year” does not mean that everything will be the bright orange-red hue of “Living Coral” in 2019. But it does mean that the color trend has been going in the poppy direction for some time. Will you see more household goods in this particular shade because of the Pantone bump? Undoubtedly! But in our first Links We Love of 2019, we’re focusing more on the Living Coral color family, rather than that exact Pantone chip.


Our first recommendations are perhaps the most straightforward – a few different material goods to incorporate Living Coral into your daily routine. I am particularly fond of this print, Coral Abstraction. This artwork offered by The Printable Concept is made up of simple-but-dynamic layered circles. It would make a great statement piece in a minimalist style living room or bedroom!


Speaking of bedroom decor, how adorable is this fluffy, sheepskin throw rug from Ikea? It’s dyed the perfect shade of this year’s coral orange! Whether on the floor, draped over a chair, or at the end of your bed, the sight of coral fur will be sure to add a romantic touch to your living space.


If your kitchen needs a bit of love, I will absolutely vouch for this stand mixer! (Although mine is a more traditional white color, rather than the of-the-moment Birds of Paradise.) Williams-Sonoma‘s products are both high-quality, practical, and on trend!


Maybe you want less material goods and something a bit more focused on self-care? Well, how about Pantone-branded nail polish from “Butter London”? Spending a relaxing evening giving your nails a makeover with this peachy color sounds delightful!


Or maybe you love the hue, but are more interested in how best to incorporate it into a color palette for your own home or design work? Well, Pantone put together a selection of sample palettes meant to inspire. However you use it, Pantone’s Color of the Year is meant to be bright and fun! May it bring some color to your winter!


If you enjoyed this round-up, be sure to check out our other Links We Love posts–we’ve covered Pantone colors in the past like “Millennial Pink”, and how to use these chosen colors for your own DIY projects!


What was your favorite product we featured this month? Will you be adding “Living Coral” to your life? Let us know in a comment!

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