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February 1, 2020

Links We Love: February Edition


Reverie by Alphonse Mucha


We have successfully made it to the year 2020, how exciting! Though our modern culture is obsessed with the improvements of technology: phones in our pockets with the most high-def cameras, and the rise of virtual reality—let’s take a moment to go back in time and appreciate the aesthetics of an era from the past.  This month we’re all about the romantic movement that captured the early 1900s: “Art Nouveau”!


First of all, what exactly does this aesthetic encompass…? Some images that may come to mind are intricate swirling architecture, stained glass patterns, and artwork of elegant maidens surrounded by flowers. This guide to Art Nouveau-inspired décor by Impressive Interior Design has captured the aesthetic into easy-to-follow suggestions that can help anyone bring this delicate, vintage aesthetic into the modern home. The drool-worthy photo examples of these gorgeous living spaces give us so many ideas on how to add color, lines, and texture to our interiors!


Keeping on the topic of home décor, is your living space missing a bit of color? Perhaps a DIY project would be a good idea to help ease the winter blues. These Art Nouveau-style reproductions on ceramic tiles are a perfect way to easily bring some elegance into your living space! This profile on Zazzle specializes in reproducing vintage and antique artworks, and they have many different designs to choose from. Any of these would make a colorful-yet-elegant accent in a bathroom or kitchen!


When it comes to fashion, high-quality items with fantastical details are crucial to capturing this romantic aesthetic. This luxurious cashmere scarf by the Art Institute of Chicago  is embroidered with delicate gingko leaves. Its royal burgundy color would make it the perfect accessory for a holiday party! If you’re really looking to make a fashion statement, these one-of-a-kind wire wrapped sunglasses by SpunGlasses on Etsy seamlessly blend the intricate linework of Art Nouveau with a chic modern aesthetic.


Lastly, this gorgeous illustrated notebook by Medusa Dollmaker on Redbubble has us wanting to curl up in a comfy book shop with a cup of coffee. The muted color scheme and fanciful floral illustration is perfect to inspire that antique feeling of Art Nouveau. If you journal or maybe just need something to write your to-do lists in, this notebook is a must!


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