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February 1, 2019

Links We Love: February Edition

collage art by ben stiles

Artist, Ben Giles

Collage has been a technique that has gone in and out of style throughout the decades. As a style once  associated with kindergarten paper compositions, the art of collage has now grown up! This month we explore this theme, along with some modern collage inspiration!


One of my favorite ways to think about the idea of “collage” is through found object sculpture. Now, this isn’t collage in the traditional sense, but I think collage is open for interpretation, such as sound collage art or landscape collage. With this definition in mind, I really love the orderly work of photographer Emily Blincoe. Creating compositions from found everyday items, her work is relatable, beautiful and colorful!


But maybe you want something a bit more traditional? Luckily, there are a ton of modern artists working on collages that feel anything but dated. Take for instance, the artist Mary Gordon. I really love the feeling of nostalgia in her mixed media works, while the pieces themselves still remain fresh.


But maybe you want a collage artwork that you can actually own? Well, what about mini-artworks in the form of phone cases from Society6? I personally think this minimalist cover would look great! But, if you think your own collage work would look even better – you can do that too with your own design shop on Society6. (And maybe you can even use MyGenue app to easily draw your own design!)


Or what about these collage-inspired shoes? These patterned iridescent kicks by Maison Margeliela look like glittering mirrors! Perhaps not for buying, if you’re not a fan of flashy fashion, but they’re definitely inspiring just to look at!


But maybe you’re less interested in buying something and more interested in making something. And maybe you want to make it with a kid around (or not, your choice)! This awesome article runs down 50 collage ideas to try with kids, from very traditional to a bit more unexpected! Perfect for an afternoon when you’re trapped inside, hiding from the blustery winter weather.


What is your favorite product in this month’s round-up? Let us know what you think about collage in a comment below!


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