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August 1, 2019

Links We Love: August Edition

the kiss painting gustav klimt

“The Kiss”, oil painting by Gustav Klimt, 1908

Even if you’re not an art history buff, you can probably recognize the image above—“The Kiss” is a world-wide famous painting by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. Known for his romantic depictions of women among organic abstract backgrounds, his works have acquired fans around the world! A Klimt painting is easily identified by it’s use of gold leaf, sensual figures, and intricate patterns (and we absolutely love patterns!). This month, we’re all about the glamour that oozes from these iconic masterpieces.


Wearable art has been popular for awhile now, so why not hop on the trend with some Klimt-themed accessories? This charmeuse silk scarf printed with Klimt’s “Adele Bloch-Bauer” is a gorgeous homage to his beautiful portraits. The romantic jewel tones would add a perfect autumnal touch to your wardrobe for the coming fall season! If you’re looking for something more easy and casual, how about these cute printed socks of Klimt’s “The Kiss” from The Sock Drawer? They can be shown off with a skirt, or hidden as a cheeky surprise under pants—you’ll be the only one to know that “This Kiss” is on your ankles!


Now, you can’t just up and buy a real Klimt piece because they’re priceless pieces of art history…but we’ve found some pieces of art and home décor with similar elements, that can still bring that luxurious spirit into your home! Get the same lavish feeling with this textured gold abstract painting by Magic Paints on Brushes. We love how it has the glamour and texture of a Klimt painting, while still feeling very modern and minimalist!


For the kitchen or dining room, how about adding these handmade expresso glasses by Projekt Mosko Ceramics to your dishware collection? The marbleized porcelain is so gorgeous, and can be used for both hot or cold drinks. And the touch of gold leaf around the rim is so very Klimt!


This set of eclectic votive candle holders from Pottery Barn can be introduced anywhere in your home—bring them out for a romantic candlelit dinner, or in the bathroom when you’d like to take a soothing bath. Glittering gold candles would be a great way to wind down in the evening, no matter what the occasion is.


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