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April 3, 2018

Links We Love: April Edition

old woman in garden pushing a wheel barrow near plants, stone wall and cabin

Tasha Tudor


It seems that plants and gardening are having a major moment right now. I don’t know exactly when, but sometime in mid-2016, I started to notice plants—indoor and outdoor—popping up everywhere. Now, as we approach the summer a few years later, we are taking this collective plant love up another level, with a vintage twist!


For some inspiration to get you started, pick up a copy of Tasha Tudor’s Garden. Tasha Tudor was from the hometown, and I would see her occasionally out doing errands. She was a famous children’s book writer and illustrator, but in her later years, her true passion was her lovely garden.


But what if you don’t have acres to garden, like Tasha? I love these delicate and airy hanging planters from Terrain – the perfect blank canvas for a flower composition.


Or maybe you’re looking for a series of planters? Terra-cotta pots are everywhere, so the next time you see a yard sale, check it out to see what you can find, or if you want some immediately, they’re readily available at any of your big home improvement stores (or small neighborhood hardware stores). You can make a mismatched terra-cotta pot collection a bit more cohesive by painting or stenciling. I love this tutorial for a vintage-inspired look, but there are so many out there!


Once you have the planters ready, you need plants right? This step by step guide from Farmer’s Almanac to growing your own seedlings will come in handy! Growing seedlings is so fun, and will save you some serious money if you’re trying to grow your plant collection. (Fun fact: talking to your plants is supposed to help keep them alive! Thanks Donovan!)


Ok, but what about the lovely folks out there who just cannot keep a plant alive, but want some greenery in their life? Enter these adorable illustrated terrarium postcards from California based stationery company Quill & Fox. Beautiful, and impossible to kill!


Whether just started out, or a full-fledged green thumb, we hope this round-up gives you some garden inspiration!

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