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April 1, 2020

Links We Love: April Edition



Denise Wilton-  Victorian Town


Everyday I’m inspired by where technology can take us. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90s, when things like the Internet and portable DVD players were considered exciting and new, I’ve always been excited about what’s around the corner in the world of tech. So this month we’re exploring how art can be made through computers—through the intricate medium of pixel art!


Beginning with the beautiful pixel artwork above, by the talented Denise Wilton! This carefully constructed Victorian town has been endlessly tiled into a seamless pattern. To view it on your computer screen and take in all the tiny details is truly awe-inspiring!


But not all pixel art has to be small! The genius behind Fine Pixel Art has built a machine that interprets images the way a computer screen does…but instead of pixels, the images are created with little colored balls put together into a huge mosaic. Watch this video to get an idea of the process! Some of their biggest projects (that can be as large as 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide!) are displayed in famous Ripley’s ‘Believe It Or Not!’ Museums.


Now, taking pixels out of the digital world and turning them into something tactile sounds impossible, but designer Cristian Zuzunaga combines the pixelated aesthetic of digital art with textiles and interior design. His work spans across bedspreads and couch cushions, to murals the size of whole buildings! We love his take on design that’s both colorful and smart.


After seeing all of these inspiring artists, maybe you’re getting the itch to create something yourself…? We’re just loving this colorful geometric wallpaper by Kim Johnson Studios! It would make an adorable pop of color in the back of a bookshelf (check out our DIY tutorial to see how!) or as an accent wall in a children’s bedroom.


Lastly, this fun little gadget offered by Urban Outfitters is both a novelty and a way to connect with others! The “Lovebox Messenger” is a little wooden box with a pixelated heart on the front. It looks unassuming at a quick glance, but it’s actually pretty sophisticated when you open it up—by removing the lid, there’s a screen that you and others can send messages to via an app. No matter the distance between the users, you can surprise your loved ones with a little message to brighten their day! The heart on the front spins when a new message has arrived. It would make an excellent gift to someone you care about but don’t see enough!


If you enjoyed this round-up, check out some of our other favorites: delving into the retro-chic futurism of “Y2K” aesthetics, exploring the work of computer artist Vera Molnar, and how technology and fashion have combined to create high-tech textiles!

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