Genue Inc.
October 12, 2017

Inspiration to Destination: Custom Stickers


Everybody loves stickers, right?! Personally, when I think of stickers, I get taken back to my school days when I would get excited to decorate my binders and notebooks with them. It’s a fun way to add a personal touch to otherwise everyday items!



This month, our designer Hannah Grace Smith has created some fun stickers for us that celebrate the passing summer season. They’re made with vinyl, so they’re extra durable and can be placed on cars, laptops, etc. Read below to learn how to create your own stickers to stick on anything, everywhere!



STEP 1 – Create your patterns in GENUE.  Draw in editor using different colors, lines, and shapes. Try using the ‘Pattern Line’ function on a pattern you’ve drawn to turn it into a paintbrush, to create new textures and shapes with. For the pattern used for the stickers, I used this function to create the subtle textured backgrounds. Choose pattern repeat and try Effects. Finally, when you see what you like, save it to Final Designs.



STEP 2 – Order your stickers with Whether it be big or small, be sure to pick a sticker design that compliments the dimensions that you designed it to be using Genue. You can use a .jpeg, .pdf, or .png file.




STEP 3 – Enjoy your one-of-a-kind stickers!


I used my sticker as a decoration on my laptop. Isn’t it cute? Share your personal sticker style with us by tagging us on Instagram, and use the hashtag #genuinelyyou!



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