Genue Inc.
September 13, 2017

Inspiration to Destination: Floral Pattern Mug


Who doesn’t start their morning with a warm beverage—be it coffee or tea? The sound that starts my day is undoubtedly the coffee maker brewing and churning.  And of course, no morning would be complete without a big, beautiful mug to enjoy my coffee out of!  Everyone has different preferences with their mugs—some like theirs large with big handles, others are drawn to intricate patterns and designs.  No matter your cup of tea, this tutorial is for you!


This month, we’re showing you how to create the mug of your dreams—starting with your very own creation in the Genue app! Our beautiful mug is designed by Krista Firkins, a Nashville-based designer, and calligraphy and hand-lettering artist.  Read on to see how she created a mug sure to become a daily favorite!



STEP 1 – Create your patterns in GENUE. First, gather your inspiration images and objects.  Krista was inspired by summer florals and found the accompanying phrase both applicable to flowers and people in different seasons of life. Next, draw in editor using different colors, lines, and shapes. Choose pattern repeat and try Effects. Krista repeated her pattern, as you can see when you look at the four quadrants, with her calligraphy in the middle. Finally, when you see what you like, save it to Final Designs.



STEP 2 – For this project, Krista was able to upload her image using Zazzle. Krista selected Zazzle’s custom photo mug for her printing choice. Once you select the product of your choosing, select “customize” and then use Zazzle’s tools to stretch, edit, and move your image onto your desired surface. Krista’s design, saved at 300 DPI, was stretched and repositioned, as you can see from the above photo.  For more assistance with designing using Zazzle, click here.



STEP 3  Zazzle will provide you with a mockup design of your mug—giving you multiple angles to view your product from—and once you are satisfied, follow instructions to purchase your order.

Image taken by Krista Firkins

STEP 4 – Track your package while you wait for your mug to arrive (usually averaging 4-7 days after it is manufactured). Zazzle offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products!

Image taken by Krista Firkins

STEP 5—Enjoy the beverage of your choosing in your awesome mug! We love how Krista styled her images, both with her palm print dress and as a cup holder while she designs. What will you design on Zazzle, and how will you use it? Tag us on Instagram and show us what your style is—and don’t forget to hashtag #genuinelyyou!

Image taken by Krista Firkins

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