Genue Inc.
August 28, 2017

Inspiration to Destination: Custom Printed Leggings


Leggings are a staple in just about every wardrobe—they’re comfortable, laid-back, and easy to move in. Their simplicity doesn’t always have to mean that they’re boring, though! It’s fun to create an outfit with leggings that have a loud and unique print. Add a touch of your own personality to your look with your very own custom-printed leggings!


These leggings were designed by this month’s guest designer, Hannah Grace Smith. Read on to see how she designed them, how to create your own, and tips for styling the finished product!



STEP 1 – Create your patterns in GENUE. First, gather your inspiration images and objects.  Hannah gathered items from her colorful childhood in the 1990s to inspire her—handheld toys like Tamagotchi, scrunchies, and candies. Next, draw in editor using different colors, lines, and shapes. Choose pattern repeat and try Effects. Hannah used a pixelated effect on her design to channel that “retro” feeling of video games from the era that she grew up in. Finally, when you see what you like, save it to Final Designs.



STEP 2 – For this project, Hannah used Printful to make her finished product. You’ll need to follow the instructions on Printful’s website for exporting, using your high-definition final design image from Genue. For printing at Printful, the final image should be 47” x 35”, with a DPI of 300.



STEP 3 – Order your leggings using You can pick the size and stich color of your leggings, and check the placement of your pattern with the preview screen. Make sure that your pattern is the correct dimensions for the printing, and is either a JPG or PNG file. You can check the look of your leggings with the mock-up preview.



STEP 4 – Wait for your leggings to arrive and once they do, wear your new, totally unique leggings!


Hannah has paired her leggings with denim shorts decorated with patches, for a fun casual look. What will your leggings look like? Will they be colorful and bright, or something more neutral and organic? Flirty or formal? Tag us on Instagram and show us what your style is—and don’t forget our hashtag “#genuinelyyou’!



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