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August 8, 2017

Inspiration to Destination: Custom Bow Tie


Summer is full of bbqs and beach trips—but also, weddings! Wish you had a certain accessory that would help you stand out and be unique? Want to perfectly match your date or the rest of the wedding party? Follow our easy steps to design and create a wearable, ready-made bow tie! You’ll steal the show at any event—or even just during a regular day at the office—with a custom bow tie!


If bow ties aren’t your thing, you can use the same directions to create a pocket square or neck tie. These would make great gifts for friends and family or groomsmen for a wedding.


This month, our bow tie was designed by our May Featured Designer, Donovan Fisher! Read more below for how he designed his bow tie, easy steps to create your own, and tips for how to style your bow tie!




STEP 1 Donovan started with an Instagram photo he snapped as inspiration.  Then, he created his patterns in GENUE. Next, he drew in editor using different colors, lines, and shapes. You can use the tool kit for different modes, as well as pattern repeat. Finally, when you see what you like, save it to Final Designs.


After your design is done, visit and upload your image along with some other information using this form. The designers at Knotty Tie prefer a single image, so after you create a design you love repeated, make sure you are able to save your image in final designs as a single image saved as a PDF.  You can see what our designer created above, and what we actually sent to Knotty Tie below. Knotty Tie’s production and shipment take 3-5 weeks, with expedited shipping (12 days) for an extra fee.



STEP 2 In an email, Knotty Tie Co. will send you an estimate regarding the information you provided in the form. They will let you know how much the item(s) you requested will cost. Then, you’ll have the option to approve the estimate and have a designer begin working on your request.



STEP 3 – After you approve the estimate, then Knotty Tie Co. will send you a proof of your design. You’ll have the opportunity to make changes if you are not pleased with your design.



STEP 4 – Once you approve the design, you’ll pay for the design and choose the shipping option that best fits your needs. Then wait until the Bow Tie arrives in your mailbox!



STEP 5 – WOW your co-workers, friends, and family with your custom designed bow tie! Donovan has chosen a similar chambray blazer and gingham button down shirt to accompany his bow tie, letting his custom creation steal the show!



The best way to understand Genue is to try it!

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The best way to understand Genue is to try it!

So ready... GIVE IT A TRY