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August 25, 2015

Ice Cream Inspiration Makes for Cool Pattern Design

Staying cool in the heat of the summer can be rough sometimes, and I’m not just talking temperature. How can we keep our designs and fashion fresh, trendy, relevant and weather-appropriate when the heat goes up and motivation goes down?

We’ve got you covered. We spent a steamy afternoon dreaming of ice cream but settling for ice cream inspired patterns.

Here a few designs and fashion ideas, all created with ice cream in mind to keep you looking and feeling cool.

ice cream old fashion

ice cream pastel

ice cream waffle pattern modern

At first glance, our collage of Genue patterns may seem a little busy. But everything we are seeing on the runway and in those super chic home design magazines, shows mixing patterns as a great way to add visual interest, texture, and depth to a design.

Ice cream prints may have a youthful connotation but remember you don’t have to be so literal! Draw a freehand ice cone and then have fun manipulating it in the app.

Or use the typical ice cream pastels to design a soft swirl pattern, or a crisp waffle pattern.

Bravery never goes out of fashion – William Makepeace Thackeray

Pattern design is a way to express yourself from delicate and dainty to bold and brazen, creating patterns and prints that show off your personality is fun;

use your created patterns to spice up old pieces of furniture or add them to make the look with your accessories. In this summer heat, looking to ice cream for some colorful and pretty inspiration seems like a really good idea.

A few more ice cream inspired ideas for you:

1. Add a colorful melting ice cream cone print to a black shirt pocket. It will give it color and bring to back to life. Or try the same print on your favorite pair of jeans. Use the color of sorbet as inspiration, use pale colors like green, pink and purple to redo your patio furniture or spice up an old couch with colorful throw pillows.

2. Create a print using rainbow colors, print it onto masking tape. Wrap the colorful tape around an old wallet you have. It will give the wallet another chance at life while adding a pop to your wardrobe.

Now it’s your turn. Go on and play around with your ice cream inspired designs in Genue, and send us what you created! We’re always looking for talented makers to highlight on the blog.

Ice Cream Sprinkles

modern ice cream waffle pattern - purple




ice cream patterns collage





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