Genue Inc.

How to Get Your Designs Made


Create your patterns in GENUE. Draw in editor using different colors, lines, and shapes. Use the tool kit for different modes. Choose pattern repeat and try Effects. Maybe make a collage or start with a photo for your pattern design. Save to Pattern Book- think of this as your work-in-progress. Also is an option to save to Pattern Line. This is for drawing lines and shapes with pattern in them. Don’t forget about text, this can add some uniqueness to designs. Finally, when you see what you like, save it to Final Designs.


Final Designs- found in the left sidebar, has choices for Export, Share, and Maker’s Page. From here, you share your design with others via social media, print, mail, and save to your device gallery. The Maker’s page links you to resources and information to have products made with your designs.


Okay- so you’re ready to have a product customized with your pattern design! First, take a look at our Maker’s page categories and select which product or products you like. From their information page, note what is needed for customizing: the file type, dimensions- length and width, and dpi required for image.

Now, go back to Final Designs, select your pattern and choose Export and create image with noted details. Choose our Mail option or Save to your large image repository such as iCloud drive, Dropbox, Google drive, etc. in your device gallery. The mail option sends a link of resampled image to the email address you provide.


(Sometimes, I send email to my own address and save the image to my desktop computer and from there upload images to Maker’s page.)

Connect to Maker’s page via link provided in app and upload your correctly formatted image. Follow the Maker’s purchasing instructions. Now you just have to wait until your product with your one of a kind design is delivered!

The best way to understand Genue is to try it!

So ready... GIVE IT A TRY