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May 9, 2018

Genuinely You: Jenna Doiron

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Meet Jenna, a super creative and talented Florida-transplant who loves art, embroidery and helping grow her thriving family business, New England Metal Art! I’ve known Jenna’s family almost my entire life, and she’s always floored me with her attention to detail, and ability to create beautiful things. From beautiful wedding favors to personalized accessories, there’s nothing this girl can’t create! Read on to see more of Jenna’s fantastic work, why she loves working with her family and how her mid-college move inspired her current dose of creativity!



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Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jenna Doiron, and I’m originally from central Massachusetts. I started my higher education at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, but ended up transferring halfway through my sophomore year to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I really credit my creativity to that time in my life; I transferred to a school that really nurtured unique and creative minds. My classes and extracurriculars pushed me to dig deeper into my creativity and how I could use it to benefit those around me and myself. Now, I live in a suburb of Orlando, Florida with my boyfriend while he finishes medical school – who knows where we’ll end up after that!


 calligraphy on white paper with text that reads: do not trade authenticity for approval


You have a few different business ventures and creative endeavors going on! Tell me about all the creative work you have going on!

Right now, calligraphy and embroidery are both little passion side projects. I’ve always loved working with my hands, so embroidery fills that void for me. I also believe in the power words have on people, and how they can really change someone’s day from the worst to the best, which is why I love New England Metal Art, our family company that sells metal laser cut words and phrases. That’s why working with my sister is so amazing – I get to work with my family, while also knowing our products impact people for the better. Luckily, our dad owns a metal fabrication company and lets us use his equipment.



college graduation with mother and two daughters 

Could you describe a little bit of your creative journey?

Like I mentioned before, I think transferring to Belmont really opened up my eyes to the possibility of using my creativity in my career rather than just keep it as a hobby. I saw so many people using their talents and wanting to make it their full-time gig, so it made it seem possible that I could do the same (even though I’m not there just yet).



tote bag with "oh whale" and a photo of a whale  

What does a typical day look like for you?

Currently, I’m a full-time nanny. So the day-to-day looks like lots of diapers, running around outside, and a meltdown here and there. I love working with kids and think they keep me young at heart. When I’m not at work, you can find me with an embroidery hoop in hand while watching HGTV or listening to an entrepreneur podcast.



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Where do you draw inspiration from? And how does that fit into your creative process?

I draw inspiration both from personal experiences and from nature. When it comes to embroidery and calligraphy, I always tend to add floral elements to my work, which probably stems from my time working with a florist in Nashville. As for New England Metal Art, knowing that people connect through commonalities, it only makes sense for me to use my own experiences to inspire what phrases and words we design for people. If something helped me through a difficult time, it will most likely help someone else go through the same.



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What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

It sounds so silly actually admitting it, but I love customer feedback! It makes what we do so, so worth it. We don’t make our products for ourselves we make them for customers, so knowing that they love something (or don’t) helps us design better and create the best products possible.



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Do you have an overall design or maker philosophy?

Spread joy. Simple and to the point, but I want anything I associate myself with to be something that brings people happiness.


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Genue celebrates designers, makers and creatives that are unabashedly themselves. What does it mean to be “genuinely you”?

I’ve always been told that I’m “too emotional,” but over the years I’ve really embraced that part of myself. I think having a large palate of emotions lets me be a better maker because I can use it as inspiration.



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Thanks so much, Jenna! If you’re looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, try a sweet word from New England Metal Art!


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