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December 1, 2017

Genuinely You: Sarah and Michela


This month, our Genuinely You features a fantastic duo! We’re so excited to introduce you to Sarah and Michela, the amazing women behind the Italian children’s brand, HAPI Creations! Sarah and Michela both are mums and have backgrounds in architecture, and have created some of the most beautiful gifts and apparel for children. Read on to hear more about them…



Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Sarah: Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m co-founder of Hapi with my friend Michela. My background is similar to most people, nothing really unusual or unique. I have a degree in architecture and my dream has always been to be independent and free to express myself in my job and life in general.

Michela: I’m an architect, I’m a mum, I’m a friend, I’m a lover, I’m a woman. I feel everything very deeply. I wish to know everything about everything. But time is what it is. I’m very grateful to great photographers and artists. And nature.




How did you get started with your craft? And how/when did HAPI begin?

S: It’s difficult to mark the starting point.  I think Hapi is always been in us, in our talks, in our projects as a goal to create something beautiful and ethical, something that mirrors our inner self.

M: Sarah and I have always been inspired and immersed in our drawings.  I’m still always amazed at Sarah, who is constantly scribbling on paper during telephone conversations or quiet moments. When we work at our desks and speak about projects or plans, we’re always with a pen in the hand and our enthusiasm never let us stop drawing. When I look at this scribbles that comes spontaneously, I see that magical worlds become truth and I fall into them, discovering millions of wonderful surprises. They seem to be directly connected with the soul. However, one day she came with a little piece of paper with a pretty giraffe on it. I fell in love and proposed it to be the starting point of new experience.




Could you describe a little bit of your creative journey?

S: Hapi is me and Michela, and we’ve worked together since 2010 when we started an architecture and design studio, but the passion for design, for all things useful and for the kids—Michela is mother of one of 4 and I just became one :)—brought us naturally into this new experience.  We love our job!! We are constantly drawing or creating something.

M: The starting point was simply to share some beautiful drawings but also the message that our creations are charged, but positively, with lightness. It’s also very important to use and to remember nature in the way we appropriate space and recourses of the Earth. It’s also about leaving the unnecessary to feel more free and wild again. With that in mind, we started moving towards an idea of making just a few things but created with love and quality. And trying to produce something that is also useful.



What does a typical day look like for you? And if no day is typical, do you have any daily rhythms or routines?

S: I really would like to have a routine! You know… put some relaxing music, have a big mug of coffee next to you and let’s play completely your imagination with your hands. This is for me the ideal way to work on something. But I have to do a lot of different stuff in a day so I have a day to day routine.

M: At the moment I really don’t have a working or life routine. I just plan with Sarah the appointments of the week and daily follow inspiration or duties.



Where do you draw inspiration from? And how does that fit into your creative process?

S: Inspirations for my drawing come from the world around me. As you can see I’m really fascinated by nature and animals. I spend a lot of time observing all the little things that usually you don’t see and considering how busy we usually are, these little things inspire me so much and give me the input to start imagining a story.

M: I would say that I take inspiration from nature. But we are nature. We are part of Mother Earth. When we remember this is the starting point, I think it is simpler to feel in touch with my creative side. Art should be always around us and encourage simplicity, harmony, and pureness of our goals.



What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

S: The fun side. I never get bored when I’m creating, it’s a real pleasure to start a new project or develop a new concept.

M: We come from the experience of an architectural studio and this is a new way of bettering our natural skills. So I’m learning a lot of new things about another kind of activity and this makes me feel really curious!




Do you have an overall design or maker philosophy?

S: Not at all. I try always to be myself, to stay in touch with me and my dreams. That means also taking care of every aspect of your creations. For example, the main idea for Hapi was to create a brand with a soul, so we use ethical process and natural materials. We are a very small company and we create and follow every step of the production process.

M: In addition to bringing a message, we’re trying to do something ethical, moderate and useful, and that makes me feel proud and responsible towards the world around us. Those things are very important in our creation process.



Genue celebrates designers, makers, and creatives that are unabashedly themselves. What does it mean to be “genuinely you”?

S: Never lose curiosity!

M: It means being brave and positive.



Thanks so much, Sarah and Michela! Be sure to follow them on Instagram and shop their awesome creations on Etsy! Stay tuned for their new website launch as well. Their work would make awesome holiday gifts!!

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