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October 30, 2018

Genue Perspectives: Reflecting on Creativity, Part III

Here at Genue, we acknowledge the journey it takes to find your creativity, and the honesty it takes to embrace your genuine self.  This three-part Genue Perspectives installment, by our in-house designer and all-things-creative guru Hannah, explores her personal experiences with creative expression and shares tips and ideas for both how to find and express your artistic identity.


What do you do when your creativity runs out?

What do you do when your creativity runs out?


If you’ve been following my series here on the Genue blog, you’ve noticed that we’ve gone on a journey through the ins-and-outs of creativity. I’ve discussed my personal history of growing up as an artist and explored the pros and cons of being a creative. Now it’s time to address the grave question I’m sure all of us asked at some point…What do you do when your creativity “runs out”?


We’ve all faced them: “creative ruts”, “writer’s block.” You know, whatever you’d like to call the feeling that describes the moment when nothing you draw comes out the way you’d like, or you just can’t get the right words to flow out of your pen. These phases can be embarrassing, frustrating, and seem to hit at the worst possible time! But never fear—today I’ve put together a list of suggestions of things to do when you’re drawing a blank!


  • Embark on an adventure. The creative spark that’s missing from your project may be out there in the world—so get out and explore! Watch a movie, visit a local art museum, go for a hike, or even just spend a quiet afternoon in a coffee shop or library. Inspiration can be found literally anywhere–you’ll never know what could act as your muse.


  • Return to some of your favorite pieces of media. When you’re struggling with your own work, sometimes it helps to study the work of masters who have come before us. Re-visit your favorite paintings, books, movies, or music, and think about why you like it—what was it that drew you to it in the first place? Observe any patterns you may notice in the works you’re drawn to, and what the creator did that made them so successful. You may be able to derive ideas for your own projects by studying the works of others!


  • Try learning a new skill. Perhaps your burn-out is caused by feeling trapped in the medium you’re working in. Thankfully, we live in an era where learning something new is easily at our fingertips! Sign up for a local class, or just search on Youtube for a topic you’re interested in—even if it’s something you know absolutely nothing about! It could turn out to be a hobby or skill that you’ll fall in love with, and that could influence your future projects.


  • Do something totally out of your comfort zone. Almost all of my suggestions above allude to this idea to some degree, but a spontaneous adventure is something that can inspire anyone! Take a sudden vacation, try a café you’ve never been to, or even just wear that dress that has been sitting in the back of your closet—work up the courage and do something wild! Your journey into something unknown could bring you exciting new stories that you can work into your art.


  • And if you’re still stuck after trying all of these suggestions… just walk away. It’s hard to do, especially if you have so much passion for a project, but sometimes you must accept when something isn’t working. Putting too much effort into something by re-working it, again and again, can actually ruin it! Walk away from the project that’s frustrating you and clear your head, even if only for an afternoon. Do something else to distract yourself and remove all thoughts concerning the task. When you return, you’ll be calm and collected, and will be prepared to pull yourself from the rut!


We all know how hard it is to tackle creative blocks, but even if it feels hopeless, don’t give up! Like rainy days, these things always pass with time—so hold on tight to your passion and ideas, because you never know when the right time will come to act upon them.  It can take determination and courage to bring something from your imagination to life, but anyone can do it. Take that leap of faith and jump in!

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