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February 14, 2018

Genue Perspectives: Austin, TX

Once a weekly Instagram feature, we’re revamping “Genue Perspectives” and bringing it to the blog. We’ll feature a combination of weekend adventures, the best places to eat and explore in various destinations, and even some musings about cultivating a genuine spirit. Written by the Genue Staff, you’ll get a sneak peek into our lives outside of Genue, and how we like to explore when we’re not creating, designing or writing. In our first installment, Rachel shares her favorite places to eat in Austin, TX…


I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember, but the most important piece of planning any vacation for me still revolves around food. I’m a pretty low maintenance traveler and I’m not big on sightseeing, so when I decide I’m visiting a particular place, I immediately start researching about food.  My go-to’s for restuarants are city guides by Design Sponge, Bon Appetit, and Cup of Jo.


Here are my eating and drinking highlights from my week-long stay in Austin…




Josephine House

Besides the obvious fact that every inch of this place is completely instagrammable, this was one of my favorite brunching/morning experiences in Austin. The rain prevented us from sitting outside, but it’d love to come back and try their happy hour menu on a breezy evening. We shared a carafe of coffee and a Strawberry & Almond Buckwheat Scone, then I got the breakfast burger and my friend got the heirloom rice bowl, both of which were delicious.


Culina Yogurt

While this may not technically be considered “brunch”, I had the chance to try my friend Erin Asaad’s incredible coconut yogurt (vegan, paleo, AND refined sugar-free), which I topped with granola. Yogurt bothers my stomach, and most dairy-free yogurts don’t taste great, so I was pleasantly surprised when this bourbon vanilla coconut-based yogurt was easily the best yogurt I’ve ever eaten. If you’re not local to Austin, you can order their yogurt online!




Whole Foods

While lunch at Whole Foods may seem like an odd choice, Austin boasts the flagship Whole Foods Market, and it’s a beautiful sight, even if you don’t end up dining there. There are numerous “counters” that serve a plethora of food—even a wine bar in the back! We had stir fry—cooked without oil with real, fresh ingredients—and it was definitely one of my favorite meals.  And it was only $6! I had a bowl of veggies, sweet potato, beans and other goodies, sautéed in garlic and ginger, topped with an incredible peanut sauce.


Lazarus Brewing Co.

I stopped here midday with my cousins after a leisurely breakfast in, and it was a perfect spot to eat, drink and relax. The craziest part about Austin (which I’ve heard from several people!) is that it seems like no one in Austin actually goes to work.  We hit Lazarus at 11:30 am on a Thursday, and, while it wasn’t packed, it was certainly crowded for what I’d expect at the hour during the week.  There were people eating tacos, drinking beer and working on their computers, which gave it a nice, chill vibe.  I got three tacos al pastor and the double predestination beer, which I highly recommend.



If there’s one thing I can’t turn down, it’s Napoleon style wood fire pizza. And Pieous did not disappoint! We shared a cheese-less eggplant pizza and an antipasti sampler platter with roasted eggplant, roasted chickpeas, and other veggie-filled goodness. Three people told me I had to try various desserts so I decided to try their chocolate mousse, and I can easily say it was the best I ever had.  Definitely go for the pizza, but do not leave without dessert!




Fresh off the plane Sunday night, I texted my friend and asked if it was okay if we went immediately to dinner. Insert: Koriente. Super fast, super casual, super healthy and super delicious. I was also struck by Koriente’s story: “My mom started this restaurant b/c she hates to cook. She loved going out to eat (make someone else do all the work) but found it tough to find healthy, msg free, low cal, balanced meals with prices within daily reach. She felt guilty for feeding us crap and felt sick of being a housewife, so she said, Why not open a restaurant for people like me?” and Koriente was born. I got the rice medallion sauté with an egg, and besides the fact that it was ready in under 5 minutes, it also was vegetarian and gluten-free, for under $8, and incredibly filling.



Sway is a delicious and sleek Thai restaurant that was excellent! Although they had an adorable ivy wall covered patio, the Texas heat drove us indoors. We sat at rectangular communal dining tables that I love in theory but not so much in actuality, but thankfully it was early and we were seated at a table all our own. I got the nashi pear chicken, with brussels sprouts, carrot, mushroom, Thai basil and red chili–it was incredible.



June’s was easily my favorite restaurant in Austin.  I loved the quaint but vibrant Parisian aesthetic, and there’s just something about sitting at the bar as the restaurant bustles around you that I can’t get enough of.  I had a burger and so much sparkling rose, and we sat for about 3 hours, chatting and laughing with friends. June’s would be the restaurant I take out-of-town guests and where you’d find me perched at the bar after a tired day at the office if I lived in Austin. Tips: it’s tiny and their outdoor seating doesn’t accommodate parties larger than 4, so definitely reserve a table in advance or be prepared to wait.


I also highly recommend Fukomoto (the fish collar was incredible), Salty Sow and Kemuri Tatsuya (Texas BBQ meets Ramen). For drinks or dessert, don’t miss Ah Sing Den (gorgeous décor, delicious cocktails), Whisler’s and Thai Fresh (delicious coconut based ice cream).


Have you traveled to Austin? What are your favorite places to eat, drink and explore?


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