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November 16, 2015

Fire Place Warmth Inspires Design and Pattern

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The winter months are creeping up on us- it’s already November and it’s getting colder by the day! Daylight savings has passed, and it’s beginning to get dark out all the earlier as the days grow shorter. Yikes! In Denmark, where the winters are very long, people cope with the weather using the concept of “hygge.” Pronounced “hoo-ga,” the word roughly translates to “coziness.” It is about the warm feeling one gets when sipping a hot cup of coffee with friends, getting snug under a blanket, and most importantly, getting comfy in front of a fire!

Firelight is a key element of “hygge,” and it is the perfect way to offset that winter blues. Danes light tons of candles during the winter, especially before Christmas! The season is also the perfect time to light up your fireplace and enjoy the warm, lovely experience that come with sitting in front of a fire. It is sensory, emotional, nostalgic- a perfect time to get inspired, no?

If the colder months leave you feeling less than creative, the cozy warmth of a fireplace and the resulting hygge can provide some wonderful moods and imagery to incorporate into your patterns!

For example, have you ever looked into firelight? I mean, really looked! When we think of fire, we imagine oranges and yellows. But the reality of it is, there are whole rainbows of color that make up a flame beginning with the white-hot center to the pinkish blue glow at the bottom. In fact, when I was little, my dad used to bring home these small, soft bricks to put amongst the firewood. When he lit the fireplace, these bricks would cause the flames to turn a whole rainbow of colors! My brother and I loved it- we felt as though the aurora borealis was happening right in our living room. The colors you find in a fire have a very specific hues and saturations that can bring depth to your designs.

Looking to draw some motifs? There are so many beautiful shapes to be found in fire and firelight. Observe the way the flames move and dance, there are so many interesting curves and lines to be found!

Look at the soft glow your fire casts, or in contrast, the dark, vivid shadows that stretch across your walls. And of course, there are so many great visual elements to be found in the fireplace itself: for example, the grainy texture and strong, geometric shapes of the brick. After the fire has died down, the ash leaves behind wispy marks that are deep black, but somehow delicate.

Sitting in front of the fire also creates a very specific atmosphere, and you can be inspired by all kinds of emotions and memories. As a child, I recall the excitement and anticipation as my dad brought in the wood, and my parents carefully arranged the logs in our fireplace. There would be a sharp hissing noise and smoky scent as a match was lit, then all of a sudden; the room was flooded with warmth and a comforting glow. How do you feel when you are in front of the fireplace? Your emotions and sensory experiences set the tone for a collection?

This winter, when you’re cozying up to the fireplace, be sure to take it all in! You never know what could inspire your next Genue design!

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