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August 13, 2018

Simple is Best: DIY for Monotone Chic Decor

Simplicity in design has been on the rise in decor trends for the past few years. Having a calm space with minimal clutter and color is beneficial for the mind and for productivity. But how do you express a crafty spirit while maintaining a clean-and-effortless aesthetic? How about trying some of these tone-on-tone colored projects! This month we’ve rounded up three DIY ideas with monochromatic color schemes that are both easy on the eyes and cost-effective. Continue on to see how you can join in on this minimalist trend!


diy monotone ribbon bubble wreath

Ribbon Bubble Wreath by DIY Beautify


Ribbon Bubble Wreath

Skill level: Easy
Cost: $10-$15 (depending on the kind of ribbon used)
Amount of time: 30 minutes


This adorable ribbon wreath by Cindy of DIYBeautify can be enjoyed all year round! All this project takes is a wire wreath frame (they can be affordably purchased from Walmart) and wired ribbon of your choice. Cindy provides a handy video to help with the process! When you’ve acquired your ribbon, fold it into quarters and secure the raw edge with some string or twine. Then, begin pushing the ribbon through each section of the wire frame. When each of the three sections of the wire frame is filled, bunch up the ribbon, flip over the wreath and twist the ribbon. Begin pushing the ribbon through each section of wire just like before, and repeat the first few steps, twisting the ribbon each time you get to a new section. This effect is called ‘bubbling’, and will give your wreath a gathered look. Finish off your wreath with a matching ribbon, and you have a simple-but-festive wreath that can be enjoyed anywhere.


diy monotone jewelry hangers

DIY Pebble Hangers for Jewelry by Hometalk



Pebble Jewelry Hangers

Skill level: Easy
Cost: $2.00-$4.00
Amount of time: 10-15 minutes (this may vary depending on how long you spend searching for stones!)


This project allows you to enjoy some time in nature, while also adding a quirky touch to your décor! This clever idea by Joanna on Hometalk involves collecting pebbles and small stones, and using them to display your jewelry…by sticking them to the wall! All you need is some strong double-sided tape or sticky putty made for walls. Collect some stones to your liking and attach them to your wall using the tape/putty. Combining the natural hue of grey stone with silver jewelry would look so chic and monotone!


diy monotone reclaimed wood love rope sign

Reclaimed Wood ‘Love’ Rope Sign by Funky Junk Interiors


Reclaimed Wood ‘Love’ Rope Sign

Skill level: Intermediate
Cost: $45-$150 (depending on if you already own some of the materials needed—like old wood laying around, a cordless drill, twine, etc.)
Amount of time: 3-4 hours


How sweet is this reclaimed wooden sign by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors? The tone-on-tone look of natural wood and rope is eco-friendly and full of rustic charm, that would make a great gift for someone you care about. This project does require some beginner’s carpentry skill and knowledge of drills—you’ll need three-five boards of reclaimed wood, heavy twine or thin rope, some chalk, a hot glue gun, and a cordless drill. Donna suggests to draw your design out on paper first, before transferring to the wood with chalk. Mount your boards together by drilling two boards on the short sides of the rectangle that will be your sign, and then draw out your phrase of choice with chalk.  Then, carefully hot glue your rope or twine into your desired shape. Once the glue has cooled, all that’s left to do is hang or mount your handmade sign!


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