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September 11, 2017

DIY: 3 Ways to Create Pattern On Wood

When we think of pattern, we typically think of textile or paper products—after all, fashion and interiors are where we usually see print design the most. But lately, I have been seeing a lot of interesting things happen when designers branch out into alternative materials. One of the most intriguing examples of this is mixing pattern design with wood.


I think it is because the combination is so unexpected that wood and pattern work so well together. Pattern takes on so many different forms when made of this material.  The possibilities are endless! Interested in trying out something new with pattern design? Here are a few starter DIY projects to get your creative juices flowing:


Backpack Hanger

Skill Level: Easy

Cost: $15

Amount of Time: 1 hour


This project from I Heart Naptime mixes geometric shapes and clean lines with the organic, natural grain of wood. And the method is super easy! You will need a board, wood stain, paint, painters tape, and some coat hooks.


First, stain your board to the shade you desire. Let dry, and then tape a design of your choice over the board. Next, coat the board in white paint- you may need a few coats to get it completely opaque. Let dry again, and remove the tape. Voila! Your beautiful pattern is revealed. You can either use this as a unique art piece or take it a step further and turn your patterned board into a functional object. Screw on a few coat hooks and you have yourself a beautiful coat rack.




Wood-Burned Utensils

Skill Level: Medium

Cost: $20

Amount of Time: 1 hour


If you’re looking for a last-minute wedding gift, this project from The Nest is just perfect! All you need is a wood burning tool and a set of wooden kitchen utensils. First, if you like, plan out your design in pencil on your utensils. Next, turn on the wood burning tool and let it heat up a bit. If you’re new a wood burning, you might want to practice with the tool for a bit on a spare piece of wood. Once you’re ready, start burning! Simply draw along your pencil lines with the tool, as it will leave a mark just as if you were drawing with a pen or pencil. Once you’re finished, you will have a set of kitchen utensils beautifully embellished with your own pattern designs!




Pattern Blocks

Skill Level: Easy

Cost $10

Amount of Time: 45 minutes


Designers with kids (or designers who need a fun gift for a child), this is such a great project! You’ll be designing a patterned children’s toy, although, to be honest, I think it’s so cool, and I want one for myself. You will need a bunch of 1-inch wooden cubes, some paint, and a sharpie. First, paint all of your blocks one solid color (the tutorial from Frugal Fun 4 Boys suggests white, but feel free to choose something else.) Next, arrange your blocks all together. Finally, take your sharpie and draw a pattern on it. It can be very geometric using the square shapes to create clean edges, or you can draw a more organic image. Once you’re done, you will have a fun puzzle that you can mix and match to create an endless amount of pattern designs! Too fun!



What do you think? Do any of these projects inspire you?

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