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December 27, 2018

Design to Destination : Wall Art

How to Create Custom Canvas Wall Art

During this blustery December, we’re celebrating everything cozy, soft, and nurturing—the perfect den for a baby! Inspired by the colorful creatures of the jungle, we’ve created some playful wall art to add a touch of whimsy to your little one’s nursery. Follow along with us from start to finish to create your own hanging canvas wall hanging, featuring a cheerful lion cub!

Step 1 : How to create your pattern using Genue

Begin your pattern by picking out a color scheme. This month, we’re drawing a playful cartoon lion covered in flowers, so the color scheme is pastels. Feel free to pick your own colors depending on your tastes and the décor of your own nursery!


Now, before we jump into drawing, we’re going to create a “Pattern Line”—which is a custom brush made with your very own repeating pattern!

To start our pattern for our “pattern line” brush, press the ‘Freehand Drawing’ Freehand draw button in MyGenue app button at the top of the screen, and use the ‘Color’ Color button in MyGenue app window to select a light blue color. Adjust your brush to a size you like using the slider bar at the bottom right corner of the screen to about 30-40 pixels wide. Then, press the ‘Vertical Mirror’ Vertical Mirror button in MyGenue app button at the top of the screen. This tool makes it so that any marks you make on one side of the canvas are mirrored on the other side. Draw one thick line straight down on one half of the canvas, and watch an identical one be mirrored next to it. We’ll be using these lines to create a grid pattern.

Let’s repeat that similar idea using the ‘Horizontal Mirror’ Horizontal line button in MyGenue app tool. Using the same blue color, draw a horizontal line across the canvas, and watch how a second line is mirrored. These squares will form your grid pattern!

Now all that’s left is to color in the squares of the grid, so that it forms a checkerboard-like pattern. Adjust your brush width using the slider bar if you need to. When you’re finished, it’s time to save this pattern as a ‘pattern line’ brush. Press the ‘Save’  button at the top left hand of the screen, and select the ‘Pattern Line’  option. You now have your custom paintbrush on file to use later!


If you’re confused by this process, watch our easy video tutorial on how do it, here:

Now it’s time to start drawing your actual design!

To begin, let’s select your new ‘Pattern Line’ brush. Press the ‘Pattern Line’   and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the blue and white checkerboard pattern you just drew. You will now be able to use this pattern like a paintbrush on the canvas! Adjust your brush size and the pattern scale at the bottom of the screen—your brush should be fairly large at 30-40 pixels wide, with your pattern scale set to 20-30%. Draw a thick border around the outside frame of the canvas. Then, go to the ‘Color’ Color button in MyGenue app window to select a rosy pink color, and fill in the empty space in the middle of the canvas with this color.

It’s finally time to begin drawing your lion! We chose to draw our lion in a sitting position, but feel free to draw your lion however you like. Referencing a photo may help you decide what pose you’d like your lion to be in! We began with a simple outline in pale yellow, using a small brush around 5-10 pixels wide, adjusting the size to how we saw fit. We also added the fluffy mane and tail in a soft orange.

Next, let’s add some details to the lion’s face. Find a shade of very pale pink that you like, and use it to draw inside the lion’s ears and his nose. Then, pick out a shade of blue (that’s darker than the blue you used for the pattern line brush) and use it to draw the lion’s eyes and mouth. Draw the mouth like a sideways ‘3’.

Let’s continue adding definition to the lion’s face. Starting with the eyes, pick a shade of blue that’s lighter than the base color, and draw the pupil in the center of the eye. Next, set your brush to pure white, and draw a tiny circle in the middle of the eye. Lower the opacity of your brush in the ‘Color’ Color button in MyGenue app window with the slider bar provided, and set it to about 30-40%. Make very tiny dots under the white pupil of each eye, for added sparkle. Feel free to experiment with this part, and make the eyes as shiny or detailed as you like! Next, add some blushing cheeks to the lion’s face by picking a rosy pink color, changing the opacity to about 30%, and making circling motions where you want the blush. The more you press down in a repeated area, the darker the color with become, so try to create a gradual blend of color. When finished, return to the ‘Color’ Color button in MyGenue app window and pick a pure white color. Adjust your brush size to 1-3 pixels wide, and drop a quick spot in the center of each blushing cheek.

Now let’s add some shading to the body of the lion! Pick out a gold color (something darker than the color of the body of the lion) and adjust your brush to about 4-5 pixels wide. Carefully outline the sections of the lion that would be cast in shadow—for example, his underbelly, his back feet, and under his mane.

Finally, let’s add some shading and definition to the lion’s mane. Pick out a burnt orange color and adjust your brush to about 2-3 pixels wide. With quick strokes, draw some lines coming out of each tip of the lion’s mane. Also, add some strokes to the base of the lion’s tail. Next, go to the ‘Color’ Color button in MyGenue app window, pick a pure white color, and set the opacity very low—about 5-10%. Again, with quick strokes, draw short stripes all around the lion’s mane and tail, as a highlight.

Now let’s add a cute flower crown! Draw purple and pink flowers across the lion’s forehead. The flowers can be as detailed or as abstract as you’d like—we went for a loopy cartoon look for our flower crown, kind of like pansies.

Once you’ve finished drawing your flowers, add a tiny white dot in the center of each one, using a brush about 2-3 pixels wide.

Lastly, let’s add some little details to really make your artwork pop! Go to the ‘Color’ Color button in MyGenue app window and pick a shade of bright pink, and set your brush width 2-5 pixels wide. Carefully outline the entire shape of the lion.

Lastly, as our final detail, let’s draw a scalloped lace edge around the border of our drawing. Select a pure white color, and adjust your brush width to be about 4-5 pixels wide. Draw an outline around the pink box behind your lion, and then begin to draw swooping scallops around the entire square. How big or small you’d like your scallops to be is up to you!


When you’re complete with your design, simply press the ‘Save’  button at the top of the screen, and select the ‘Final Design’ option.

Step 2 : Genue Final Designs and Exporting

Select the ‘Final Design’  option that’s available underneath your saved designs on the ‘My Projects’ screen. Select your Design and choose Export which will take you to screen below. Select your Design and choose Export which will take you to screen below. Our chosen Maker prints stretched canvas wall art at 12”x12” squares, so size your image slightly larger than that at about 13” x 13”. Set the DPI of the image to 600, and then email any of the file types provided to the device that you’ll be ordering the wall art from so that you can access the image later.

Step 3 : How to Make the Wall Art

This month we’ve selected Pictorem to produce our one-of-a-kind wall art! To order, long onto their site and go to the ‘Canvas’ section. Scroll down to see all of the different canvas wall art options that are available, and stop scrolling when you reach the ‘Suggested popular sizes’ section. Click the ‘Square – 12” x 12” option that will bring you to a screen to upload your artwork. Upload your artwork, and then select any extra options you may be interested in, such as a glossy varnish or frame. When finished, click the green ‘Checkout’ button on the right side of the screen. Fill in your billing and shipping information and complete the transaction.

When your canvas wall hanging arrives, all that’s left to do is hang it in your little one’s nursery! It’s something that you and your family can enjoy for years to come!

Enjoy your one-of-a-kind wall art with your Genue design!

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