Genue Inc.
August 17, 2017

Inspiring Pattern Design: Organic & Neutral

Take a peek at the organic & neutral pattern designs that are inspiring us this week. Calming, isn’t it? It’s easy to get swept away in tropical, bold, summer prints, but sometimes your senses need a refresh, and these organic and neutral patterns are doing just that. Take a peek…

What we love: The muted yellow hues, the simple, yet intricate patterns, and the cohesion that all of the elements have together.

Source: Eloise Renouf


What we love: The variation of size, the organic flow, and the difference in neutral greens. How fun would this look on a bag or flowy top?

Source: Print & Pattern


What we love: The mix of calming greens and blues, the imperfections, and the ebb and flow of the lines.

Source: Spoonflower


What we love: The delicate lines that piece together in a perfectly, imperfect way; the hand-drawn feel and the fluid eye movement.

Source: The Design Center

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