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March 14, 2019

Corralling The Collage: Tips for Managing Kids Artwork

The best part about kids of all ages is how freely they express themselves! This can take the form of imaginative play, dressing up, building with blocks, or cooking in their own kitchens. On top of all that, once kids hit school age, they produce a lot of artwork. As a parent or caregiver, it’s so tempting to want to save and display it all—but how do you do it? Since just this past month we’ve talking about collage, we’re sharing some tips for managing and displaying the collage that becomes kids art! To make sure kids’ artwork is seen, and not just stored away in boxes in the basement, read on for a few tips…

=kids collage art display by Gina Zeidler

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Image by Gina Zeidler 


  1. Choose a centralized location dedicated to displaying kids art 

Organization and decluttering guru Emily Ley has a simple (and chic!) tactic for displaying kids art (see in the photo above!). Explaining her process, Ley writes:


To display artwork in my home, I created my “Kids artwork cork boards framed by Framebridge. I took three 24 x 36 cork boards (one for each child) and covered them in linen (adhered with spray glue). Then I sent them to Framebridge and had them framed with their Mandalay frames (without glass). They’re some of my favorite pieces in our home. We put the kiddos’ artwork, certificates, and sometimes photos up on them to display.”


When art has a dedicated spot, in a chic and contained space, it functions more as artwork, instead of stressful clutter. And when the board is full, that means if you want to add something, something else must go!


  1. Create a storage system that works, and schedule time to go through it

When it comes to storage, having it in a contained space that still allows you to see the item is key. I’m all for clear storage solutions for kids’ art organizing!  These stackable bins from The Container Store allow you to create a filing system—whether that be by child, or by year—but you can also easily see what’s in the bin, and how full it’s getting. This wall file organizer also allows you to see the items but keep them organized until you’re ready to display them. But make sure you’re scheduling time to go through the art!


  1. Digitize it!

In an increasingly digital age, sometimes it’s not feasible to tangibly hold on to all your kids’ stuff. And, depending on how much space you have, holding on will on add to more clutter! So why not create sleek photobooks that highlight the work of each child? Ashlee Proffitt (you can watch her tutorial via her saved stories on Instagram!) saves each of her child’s work throughout the year, and goes through the art with each child to determine which works to keep.  Then, she photographs each piece of artwork and creates a sleek photobook using Shutterfly! While this part can be time consuming, you’re preserving your kids artwork and creating an object that can be used and enjoyed.  Not only does it allow you to capture all of the artwork and creativity, but it also makes great gifts for grandparents and other family members!


Do you have effective ways for displaying or storing kids art? We’d love to hear!


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