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May 2017 Pattern Collection

Genue’s May Pattern Collection is designed by last month’s Featured Designer, Kassie Dyes. Kassie is the founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine, The Maker’s Post, and has her own lifestyle and clothing brand, Clove & Larkspur.  To read more about Kassie and her work, check out our blog post about her.  For May’s Pattern Collection, Kassie writes:

“My obsession for tea and flowers unsurpassed by many others. For this pattern collection I wanted to take that idea and run with it, adding to my past clothing collection with the same inspiration. I focused on texture and pattern that offered a modern yet quirky take on the subject. The goal for each of these patterns is that they can easily be worked into daily life through different applications but with a fresh and optimistic layer.”

Genue happily showcases designer talent and proudly notes that this May collection was a creation produced by our software.  Please enjoy Kassie Dyes inspired collection.

Happy designing! Genue

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