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March 2017 Pattern Collection

A blizzard was forecasted for Maine when I visited the Cliff House in February. After a safe arrival, a warm welcome, I nestled in. Roaring ocean waves crashed the cliffs below as I sat comfy behind the floor to ceiling windows. My chair swivels to take in changing views, from magnificent ocean to the hotel’s fine décor and furnishings. Inevitably, this March 2017 Pattern Collection, took inspiration. It became the colors and stripe patterns from the beautiful views of these surroundings. Try creating your own stripes with Genue! Vary the lines, the placement, repeats, choose color or patterned lines, whatever you find aesthetically pleasing. Many think of stripes as “just lines”, but they too can be unique. Just as the rhythm of the waves crest and fall, seem familiar, each instance is new and one of a kind, just like you. Happy designing…Genue!

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