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February 2017 Pattern Collection

February 2017 Pattern Collection is inspired by the colors and symbolism of the koi fish. A koi fish symbolizes energy and life force. This stems from the legend Dragon Gate which tells of koi fish swimming up waterfalls, conquering obstacles all to reach a mountain top. Due to this feat, the koi fish have come to symbolize good fortune, perseverance, longevity, and prosperity.

Also, the colors of koi have distinctive meanings. The white and red patterned koi, referred to as a lipstick fish from the red coloring around its mouth, represents love and long lasting relationships, while the yellow or gold colored koi symbolizes riches and wealth.

May our February 2017 Pattern Collection with its red, yellow, and gold colors, and koi fish inspiration, bring you all much good fortune and more. - Genue

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