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November 20, 2015

Changing Leaves Inspire Color Palettes


We are full swing into what is our all-time favorite season: fall! That lovely, crisp scent is in the air that signals one of the best times of the year. Ok, maybe we sound a little obsessed, but there are just so many wonderful things about autumn: the weather finally starts to cool down after a too-hot summer; you can bust out your fall wardrobe (sweaters, anyone?) Everything seems to be pumpkin-flavored, and two of the best holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, are during this season.

But perhaps the very best thing about fall is also the most obvious: the beautiful changing leaves! As a native New Englander, I have a deep personal connection to foliage- it is one of the highlights of living in the Northeast. Just when you think the days are getting darker along with the cold- surprise! The fall leaves burst into such bright, beautiful colors. It is truly stunning.

With so much beauty and color, the changing fall leaves could be the perfect muses for your next pattern design! First off, let’s talk about the colors.

I have seen some of the most gorgeous hues deep in the woods of turning foliage. Some colors are obvious: radiant yellows, glowing oranges, and rich reds. But look more closely and you can discover a whole rainbow of color within the leaves. Some turn a deep eggplant purple or bright magenta. Even when a leaf finally falls to the ground, it can turn an ashy black or golden brown. You could create a million different color palettes just from looking at leaves alone!

There are also plenty of beautiful shapes to be found amongst the foliage. The colors blend together to make lovely contours and interesting forms. The veins in the leaves bend and curve, and the leaves themselves create crisp edges. The movements of changing fall trees are also stunningly inspirational. Leaves drift oh-so-delicately to the ground, while those still attached to the branches flicker gracefully in the wind.

If you’re looking to take an inspiration trip (we know you are!), here are a few tips on the absolute best places to see some incredible foliage. The Berkshires in Massachusetts are just incredible in the fall- and if you love hiking enough to make a trek to the top of a mountain, you will be rewarded with a stunning view. The Adirondacks in New York are also great place to escape to a foliage-filled forest. If you’re on the west coast, Sonoma County in California has a beautiful view (and vineyards if you’d like to sip a glass of wine while taking in the sights!)

We only have a few weeks left of fall, so take in the sights while you can! The amazing Genue patterns you create will definitely help to savor the memories of the beautiful autumn leaves.

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Pastel Hosta Leaves

Pastel Hosta Leaves


Maple Leaves Subtle Colors

Maple Leaves Subtle Colors

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