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July 15, 2019

Artists We Love: Lily Stockman

DTLA textile design lily stockman

DTLA, 2014

If you caught our blog about the sister run Los Angeles based studio named Block Shop Textiles, then the name Lily Stockman will be familiar to you. She and her sister, Hopie have run Block Shop together since 2013.


Outside of Block Shop, Lily Stockman is a contemporary abstract painter, living and working in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California. She graduated from Harvard and New York University, studied traditional Buddhist painting known as thangka in Mongolia and miniature painting in Jaipur India – where she and her sister also do the bulk of their pattern production for Block Shop.


Her colorful compositions are a big hit on the internet, and she has been written about by a number of people – from art critic Jerry Stalz to Designsponges’ Grace Bonney.


I can see why Stockman’s paintings have such a following. Her paintings, feel calming, ordered and organized, allowing her choice and sense of color to be really showcased. While aspects of her work are similar to the grandmother of minimalist painting, Agnes Martin, Stockman utilizes color and form in a way which is all her own.


Recently her solo show, Loquats, was on view at Charles Moffett in New York City. The show, which ran from May to June of 2018 pulled together the large scale, subtlety tactile paintings inspired by the desert landscape. To follow along on what’s happening in her studio, you can follow Lily Stockman @lilystockman.


What do you think of Stockman’s work?


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