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October 15, 2019

Artists We Love: Laura Horn

painting laura horn

Standing Tall, Laura Horn


Laura Horn is an Australian artist living in Adelaide. I found Horn’s work while searching for inspiration and a very specific palette for a project I was working on. Immediately, I was struck by her use of watercolor for simple and geometric shapes and pattern.


Digging a little bit more into this artist, I learned that she is a prolific maker. Yes, of course she paints, but she also has a blog, teaches workshops and has a podcast – that’s one very busy and very passionate schedule to juggle!


“For me, running a creative business is less about hustle and more about heart. 

 It’s about being connected to what you love, making conscious choices as you navigate your day and feeling a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

Nothing lifts me up more than seeing other artists step into their creativity and really come alive. Through my online classes, retreats and podcasts, I help artists to do just that!


Her paintings are wonderful abstract studies of color and opacity, yet remain whimsical and approachable. Both emotive and simple, she works in watercolor and oil paints. Both mediums are available as prints and may be purchased from her website.


Check out Laura’s online classes, take time to paint, slow down, and create.

Follow Laura Horn @laurahornart on Instagram!


What do you think of Horn’s work?


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