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May 15, 2019

Artists We Love: Elizabeth Suzann

Parabola Dress in Rust by Elizabeth Suzann

Parabola Dress in Rust by Elizabeth Suzann


I first heard about the brand Elizabeth Suzann from reading one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo. Liz is the founder and designer of her clothing brand, Elizabeth Suzann.  Her company’s warehouse in Nashville, TN is also adjacent to her magnificent and color-filled home. I love that her garments are beautiful are consciously made and eco-friendly.


Not only are Liz’s clothes chic and comfortable, but all Elizabeth Suzann garments are made to order, which can sometimes be confusing to customers. Neither does Elizabeth Suzann hold a stockroom of inventory, nor can garments be custom tailored for buyers, which makes the business a bit trickier. But Elizabeth Suzann is committed to creating comfortable fitting garments for women of all shapes and sizes.


Liz says, of dressing comfortably: “If you don’t feel comfortable physically, you’re going to be fidgeting all day, and your posture and body language will give away your unease. Worst case scenario, you remove the offending article halfway through the day and then your intended look is lost altogether. If your clothing isn’t comfortable emotionally – either because it is too risqué or modest or just doesn’t represent who you really are – it will be written all over your face. Nothing looks good on someone who doesn’t feel good.” I couldn’t agree more, and I love that her company wants every woman to feel comfortable in their clothing.


Florence Pant in Navy by Elizabeth Suzann

Florence Pant in Navy by Elizabeth Suzann


Part of the reason I’m so drawn to Elizabeth Suzann products is because of the brand’s value system.  Elizabeth Suzann is all about reducing waste, designing and creating mindfully, and creating comfortable and long lasting garments for their clients. Honestly, what more could you ask for in a brand? Liz is always talking about the well-being and quality of life of her employees, which speaks volumes to the care and dedication she puts into her work. I mean, she literally lives next door to her factory. If that doesn’t scream commitment, I’m not sure what does.


Elizabeth Suzann garments are made with high-quality materials—silk, linen, and cotton—which make for long-lasting garments in timeless and comfortable silhouettes. I love that all of Liz’s pieces can be worn and lived in.  Nothing is “too nice” or “too fancy” that it would stay hidden in the back of your closet. The pull-on silk pants and tie-back jumpsuit are two of my very favorites. Clean long lines in comfortable fabrics just can’t be beat.


Long Sleeve Harper Tunic in Olive by Elizabeth Suzann

Long Sleeve Harper Tunic in Olive by Elizabeth Suzann


More than anything, Liz shines through her collections and through her brand in a remarkable way. By purchasing and wearing Elizabeth Suzann, it feels like the customer gets an opportunity to live out the values enhanced by Liz herself. She is an incredibly talented designer who loves tacos, and her dogs, and I couldn’t be more supportive of the enterprise she has created. When you get to know the person/people behind the designs, it makes the garments come to life for me in new and extraordinary ways. Do yourself a favor and make a purchase from a real designer who wants you to look amazing and feel your very best in each and every one of her creations.


Have you tried Elizabeth Suzann’s clothing? What item would you shop from her newest collection? Share away in the comments!

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