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November 15, 2019

Artists We Love: Brooklyn Tweed

knit pullover sweater by Brooklyn Tweed

Prime Welted Pullover, Brooklyn Tweed


I love to knit. I work with my hands all day, every day, my work is textile related, but I still knit to relax and decompress. That being said, I start a lot of knitting projects that I don’t always finish. Last year when I was in Iceland I finished my first sweater and I love it – it’s very warm, and I wear it often in the winter.


The pattern and yarn that I used for this beloved sweater is from Portland, Oregon based, Brooklyn Tweed. Brooklyn Tweed was founded in Brooklyn (who would’ve guessed) by Jared Flood in 2005 as a blog for knitters.


In the last 14 years Brooklyn Tweed has expanded to include a number of in-house branded yarns that are all made from domestic wool and spun in the United States. Brooklyn Tweed is another great example of a transparent textile company, engaging with their customers (and in this case the customers who are also makers) to create a more sustainable, appreciative environment for their products to live.


“At Brooklyn Tweed we are passionate about wool, knitting and design. We develop and manufacture breed-specific yarns that support domestic textile production—designing, sourcing, dyeing and spinning our yarns within the USA. Our design team is committed to producing high-quality, sophisticated knitwear patterns for the modern hand knitter, specially tailored for the wool yarns we create.


Brooklyn Tweed has seasonal knit pattern collections, as well as a few additional mini collections each year of patterns created by guest designers.


I love the attention to detail in their patterns – and while they do incorporate some more advanced techniques, trying the advanced technique is absolutely worth the end result. I have also knit with their Arbor and Shelter yarns, both I would recommend. If you’re inclined, they offer full shade cards for all of their yarns and have their patterns as downloadable PDF’s.


Do you knit? Tell us what project you’re going to try from Brooklyn Tweed!


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