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December 8, 2016

A Snowfall of Inspiration


Winter is in full swing, and depending on where you live, that means lots and lots of snow! Snow is truly unlike any other kind of weather- some love it, some hate it, but you can’t deny that there is something truly awe-inspiring about it. After all, how amazing is it that tiny, detailed ice crystals occasionally float down from the sky?

When it comes to creating winter-themed designs, snow is one of the best sources of inspiration. I know, I know, at first glance, being visually inspired by snow can seem a little cliché. But part of being a designer is getting creative! The reason I find snow so inspiring is that there are so many different ways that it can be interpreted. And that’s where your hand and vision come in.

What kinds of moods and visuals do you associate with snowy weather? Does it remind you of Christmas? Or maybe it brings back a lovely childhood memory of going sledding and trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue. Perhaps you enjoy winter sports like skiing or ice-skating, and want to bring this element into your collection (or maybe you are designing for this kind of sportswear!) Think about your personal experiences and memories during snowy winters. How could it relate to your designs?free-snowflakes-falling-at-night-texture-for-layers-creative-commons

Additionally, snow is a diverse kind of weather. This makes it that much more interesting! Think about it- if it’s sunny, the sun always shines the same way, and rain is always grey and damp. But snow comes in all different forms. Sometimes big, fat flakes plop unceremoniously to the ground. Other times, small sparkles flutter gracefully through the breeze. And if there is a blizzard, icy daggers whip through the air. What kind of snowy weather are you trying to interpret? This is where sketching can really help you. Bold, uneven paint strokes can convey a childlike sense of wonder, while tiny delicate lines create a more elegant look. Splatter-painting gives off a more intense vibe, while small simple dots look very sweet. Try opening up Genue and experimenting!


Of course, the most amazing aspect of snow are the flakes themselves! Snowflakes are natural occurring patterns in and of themselves. They are fractals- repeating structures found in nature. You’ve likely seen a snowflake up close, or at least a photo; they are stunning. While snow from afar takes on round, organic shapes, it is a completely different story when you look closer. Snowflakes are all sharp angles, straight lines, and perfect symmetry. If you love geometric pattern design, it’s likely that you would find all those perfect, repeating fractal shapes very appealing. Creating a perfectly aligned design right on the computer will give you that precision- but that doesn’t mean you can’t sketch by hand either. Try going old school and making some paper-cut snowflakes like you did in middle school (albeit, maybe more complex and interesting than the ones you made as a kid). You get to work with your hands, while maintaining that perfect symmetry.

I hope you are all staying warm in the winter weather- happy designing!

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