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April 25, 2017

A Bouquet of Color: Floral-Inspired Palettes

I am so excited that spring is here, so of course I have been looking for some fun seasonal inspiration! I recently came across blog Oh Joy!’s post “A Rainbow of Flowers,” and let me tell you, it was the perfect eye candy. The post talked about creating gorgeous floral arrangements- but there was a unique twist. Color was the main event of these beautiful bouquets.

Each of the arrangements was totally monochrome, really letting the featured color pop. This was something I had never seen in floral design before, and I absolutely loved it! While each bouquet was lovely on its own, the big impact came from placing the arrangements together- the effect was like a rainbow! It looked so cheerful and fun.


Seeing how captivating the array of hues became when they became the center of attention made me think- flowers truly are the ultimate source of color inspiration. They come in just about every shade, and each one is so much more beautiful than I could ever dream up on my own. In fact, one could create an entire color palette- even hundreds of color palettes- simply by drawing inspiration from the colors of flowers. Wouldn’t that be fun to try?

Of course, there are so many flowers to choose from- where does one even start? Thinking seasonally can definitely help- florists themselves do it all the time. For instance, fall bouquets look much different from spring ones. The colors of fall flora are deep and rich, usually wine reds, ochres, mauves, etc. In contrast, spring flowers are bold and bright; think lemon yellows, candy pinks and corals to name a few. Seasonal palettes are perfect when designing patterns for fashion- clothes depend on the season after all.

In Gray's Inn

You can also find unique and beautiful color combinations within a single flower. For example, pansies come in a vibrant shade of yellow in the center, and a rich purple on the edges. Hibiscuses often look like they were painted with a watercolor gradient, one color fading smoothly into another. Poppies yield their signature red, contrasted sharply by a black center. Tiger lilies come in a wash of sunset yellow and orange, flecked with deep brown spots. There are so many interesting combinations that have been mixed and matched by nature.

If you’re still stuck, sometimes we find the best inspiration simply by thinking of the things we like! What is your favorite flower? Chances are, part of the reason you love it is because of the beautiful color. Sure it might sound a bit silly, but here’s an example: if you’ve seen the movie Big Fish, you might remember that the leading lady’s favorite flower was a daffodil. The palette of sunny yellow, fresh green and sky blue was integral to the film’s entire look, and now I always think of this movie when I see those colors. You can do the same- the colors of your favorite flower could be the calling card of your next design.

Sometimes everything you need can truly be found in nature. If you’ve been inspired by flowers lately, we’d love to see what you come up with! Happy designing!

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The best way to understand Genue is to try it!

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