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August 10, 2017

3 Ways to Spice Up A Party: DIY-Style

I don’t know about you, but I consider summer to be party season! Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or even just an impromptu celebration of beautiful weather, there’s always a party to be had. Of course, where there’s a party, there’s delicious food, yummy drinks, pretty decorations, and of course, party favors.


While favors might be a little over-the-top for most events, the crafter in me loves making them anyway. That’s right, there’s no need to spend lots of money to have nice party favors. All it takes is a little creativity and elbow grease, and you can make something special that your friends will love- and actually want to keep!


I know, I know- there’s so much work that goes into planning a party. Why add more? Trust me, making party favors can be as easy or as complex as you want and have time for. Stuck for ideas? We’ve got a couple of projects in mind to help inspire you. Check them out…



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Ombre Glitter Champagne Bottles
Skill Level: Easy
Cost: $17
Amount of time: 45 minutes


This Pottery Barn DIY is to die for. It is the perfect project for an awards show party, a bachelorette party, or really, any party! And, it’s insanely easy, with amazing results. You’ll need a bottle of your favorite champagne or sparkling wine, glitter in 2 colors, Mod Podge, and some foam brushes. Starting from the top, coat 1/3 of the bottle with Mod Podge, then sprinkle your first color on top. Next, mix your two colors together, coat another 1/3, and sprinkle. Finally, coat the bottom, and sprinkle your second color. Now your party guests will be sipping in style! Not a champagne fan? Try the same technique on plastic cups!




Pretty Patterned Mints

Skill Level: Medium
Cost: $5
Amount of time: 1 ½ hours


This project from Birds Party is just the cutest! If you’re a graphic designer, you’re really going to like this one. It involves a re-design of a mint container label to make it a bit more personal and fun. You’ll need some mints (like tic-tacs), paper, and some kind of design software (or you can use the printable labels from Birds Party.) First, you’ll need to design your label. You can try creating a pattern in Genue for this part! Next, print out your design. Finally, wrap the label around the box and secure with double-sided tape. Voila! The result is so cute, and who doesn’t want a pack of mints?




Painterly Water Bottles

Skill Level: Medium
Cost: $20
Amount of time 1/12 hours


This last project, also from Pottery Barn, is just as beautiful as it is functional. Almost everyone carries around a water bottle, and almost every one of those bottles is just, well, boring! These cute DIY ones are sure to replace them. You will need a water bottle, some paint, and maybe a stencil if you want. First, clean your bottle, then get painting! The result is a unique item that features your very own work of art! To really have fun with this, do this project with your party guests- who wouldn’t want to have a painting party? The Pottery Barn version features hearts for Valentine’s Day, but you can choose any motif you want.


Do you have any parties coming up? Give these projects a go!

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